Children falling in love....

  • I need advice.....I have 3 kids...two leos and one pieces.....I am a is like the inside of a popcorn popper her..

    Daughter - 20yo leo

    Son - 14 yo leo

    daughter 12 yo pieces

    me 42 taurus

    their dad 41 yo libra...... is the dealio - my 20yo leo....just lost her virginity to a jan 19th last day same aged capricorn.

    She is deeply and truly in love with him. Since she never really intensely dated...she is wise, bought a house at 19....very independent, very self controlled, they are madly in love with each other, but she is being, what I will refer to as a hard head. And, it kinda makes me sad. She is so mature beyond her years. She is gorgeous and I am really just not saying that.

    But I cannot figure out for the life of me why she is being so reserved. yes, i have asked her, and yes it all sounds pretty, but I cannot figure out why she is so adamant that he has to decide....I said..babe..he's 20 give the boy a break. he had a long committed relationship that was horrid. i know way too young for that, but that is what kids do these days.

    I just fear she is going to loose out by being so hard headed.

    Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated !

  • Hi - I am guessing - just guessing - that you probably relate best to your little Pisces daughter than to your son and oldest daughter. I bet that the Libra dad does best with the older daughter. Can he talk to her? Also I am not sure what you are asking If she has a job and can make the payments on her house by herself - she is doing her best to be independent, whch us admirable in and of itself. Seems to me that 20 yrs old is too young to get married and start having having kids for someone with that kind of independence. I am still not sure what you are asking.

  • Ok - her and her dad have issues but they are working on them. i do not want her to get married. No. I guess my frustration is that she is not embracing love ? She is trying to mold it and shape it into what she wants or thinks it needs to be and sometimes, love just does not work that way.

    i have always felt that due to her dad and i's horrible marriage, that she would prefer to be a bystander. A bystander is the best word I can come up with. Does that make sense ?

  • Oh _ I need to Pieces a girl after my own hart..but I really relate well to my leos but in a non passionate type of way. Does that make sense ? My pieces girl and I create massive fire !! lol My leos and me...laugh way more than we should...

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