CURIOUS... Question to all the readers... (And everyone else too!)

  • Sorry to ask, but how far (timewise) is it possible to predict the future accurately?

    Since the further in the future the prediction is, the greater the odds of being wrong... how far is it possible to predict (relatively) accurately?

    My friend claims he can predict a few days ahead... but he says even 1 month is already kind of stretching it.

    Sorry if I seem like I am in disbelief... I am not in disbelief, I just would like to understand better how this kind of stuff works.

    I have had two different predictions for my love life(the difference was mainly in the time frame in which things would happen), and both were quite encouraging... but I do not know what the odds are of this happening.

    I have been visualizing or trying to, but I'm not completely sure it is working.

    Sure, these words may sound like I'm in despair, but I'm defenitely NOT in despair at all.

    I have a good life. I appreciate the life I have.

    But one thing I do know, I am happier now that I was before I started believing in this kind of things... and more aware of my worth.

    But... does visualizing and ''knowing'' it is working help you find a suitable partner, or is it really just the fact that you're more confident? Because it's a fact that women like confidence in men..

    Some of the things I heard from my friend(Pedro) match with the things I read here or in other sites, but some others do not.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply!

  • No-one can accurately predict the future as the paths and energies are constantly changing. Something as simple as a thought can change someones prediction according to your energy.

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