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  • Hey there 😛 How do you do?

    Since I hear you're pretty good with astrology... could you tell me a few things about this thing I've been thinking about for the last few months(since I first read it).

    I am not very good with astrology... my knowlege basically comes down to ''Square is bad. Opposition is usually bad. Trine is good. Sextile is good.''


    12:12(12minutes past noon)

    Lisbon, Portugal

    My problem is...

    Emotion/lovewise my chart is REALLY annoying, I think(please check for yourself to be sure xD)

    Mars(Aries) squares Moon(Capricorn) AND Venus(Cancer)... and Moon opposition Venus.

    Neptune(Capricorn) is trined with Sun... but Squared with Mars.

    Although Neptune and moon are in Capicorn, I REALLLYYYYY hate the buisnesslike approach to love by capricorns... although I admit it would make things so much simpler... but I like the Cancer way of loving much better.

    So, with this annoying chart, especially Venus squaring Mars (Sensitive loving Cancer squaring I-Fall-In-Love-Fast-And-Hard Aries), what would be the best way for me to feel balanced and happy?

    I am not sure if this is really CAPRICORN speaking, but I think maybe people will think, if I fall for someone too fast, that my feelings aren't deep enough or are easy to move past.

    Oh, but fortunately...Virgo = Can develop love from the affection of a friendship, which makes me more... versatile, I guess?

  • ah I remember you 🙂

    OK I will check it out on Friday if you don't mind

    I have to do Curious Can's reading and Lilmisbullsnaps first

  • hi leoscorpio if it is possible for you, can you read my and my bf natal charts i really really really it.

    my natal chart

    4 march 1987

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Pisces 13.38 Ascendant Libra 17.26

    Moon Taurus 12.44 II Scorpio 15.04

    Mercury Pisces 3.32 R III Sagittarius 16.17

    Venus Aquarius 1.40 IV Capricorn 19.53

    Mars Taurus 8.22 V Aquarius 22.55

    Jupiter Aries 0.29 VI Pisces 22.28

    Saturn Sagittarius 20.35 VII Aries 17.26

    Uranus Sagittarius 26.24 VIII Taurus 15.04

    Neptune Capricorn 7.39 IX Gemini 16.17

    Pluto Scorpio 9.50 R Midheaven Cancer 19.53

    Lilith Cancer 11.21 XI Leo 22.55

    Asc node Aries 11.50 XII Virgo 22.28

    Sun in V

    Moon in VII

    Mercury in V

    Venus in IV

    Mars in VII

    Jupiter in VI

    Saturn in III

    Uranus in III

    Neptune in III

    Pluto in Ascendant

    Lilith in IX

    Asc node in VI


    18 june 1986

    Sun Gemini 26.46 Ascendant Leo 20.53

    Moon Scorpio 2.39 II Virgo 12.49

    Mercury Cancer 20.36 III Libra 9.54

    Venus Leo 2.57 IV Scorpio 12.41

    Mars Capricorn 22.33 R V Sagittarius 18.26

    Jupiter Pisces 21.55 VI Capricorn 21.56

    Saturn Sagittarius 4.53 R VII Aquarius 20.53

    Uranus Sagittarius 20.06 R VIII Pisces 12.49

    Neptune Capricorn 4.39 R IX Aries 9.54

    Pluto Scorpio 4.44 R Midheaven Taurus 12.41

    Lilith Gemini 12.26 XI Gemini 18.26

    Asc node Aries 28.15 XII Cancer 21.56

    Sun in XI

    Moon in III

    Mercury in XI

    Venus in XII

    Mars in VI

    Jupiter in VIII

    Saturn in IV

    Uranus in V

    Neptune in V

    Pluto in III

    Lilith in Midheaven

    Asc node in IX

    and here is the other values you might need

    04/03/1987 Aspect 1 8/06/1986 Orb/Value

    Mercury Square Saturn 1.07 -130

    Mercury Sextile Neptune 0.54 62

    Mercury Trine Pluto 0.59 62

    Venus Opposition Venus 1.49 -93

    Mars Opposition Pluto 3.27 -36

    Jupiter Trine Venus 2.47 52

    Saturn Square Jupiter 1.22 -95

    Saturn Conjunction Uranus 0.29 102

    Uranus Opposition Sun 0.34 -99

    Neptune Conjunction Neptune 2.60 62

    340 -453 -113

  • hi addictdlove

    can you start a new thread?

    I am here for hiddendiamond's

    if I can't get to it, someone else will be able to read it for you

    they won't see it though, if you post it here unless they browse by chance

  • I haven't replied here yet, but I've been reading this.. only didn't reply because I figured it was probably obvious.

    Please do take your time 😄

  • hiddendiamond

    the emotion part is obvious. but I want to post it all in one so no posting twice.

    lilmisbulsnap hasn't replied to my question yet, so I will do yours first soon

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  • Hiddendiamond

    Your destiny sits on the axis of Transformation and Values. You are destined to experience life-altering events that will prompt you to develop your self worth and material possession. Uranus sits with Saturn in Sagitarius house of income and values shows the importance of improving your self first before accumulating wealth. Self improvement can increase confidence and income will actually flow in smoothly if you care to improve your talents and skills first. Uranus favors anything non routine, so instead of relying on employment income, you can earn from talents and skills. You seem to have comment about everything and your opinions can shock people. Jupiter does sit in your house of Income from non-employment, so you can be optimistic about getting financial help when you need it. But try not to burn bridges, you might need them someday, plus blessings do run out someday so learning money management skills is a good idea. After all you also tend to spend for beauty and artistic value rather than necessity. The house of transformation also rules death, and so you may have (or will) experienced loss and separation from those dear to you. These are events to teach you of your own strength, your ability to stand alone. Self improvement will be helpful in your attempt to be more self reliant.

    Jupiter sits in Gemini gives you abundant of blessing in communication and intellectual area. Mercury in Virgo gives you a great analytical ability and attention to details higher than average. It takes you some time to make up your mind, and often you stick stubbornly to your decisions once you make them. Since the cosmos is fluid ever changing place, it’s always a good thing to keep an open mind and don’t take everything in life too seriously. Moon in the house of communication and information doesn’t keep much emotion to yourself, but in Capricorn, you focus most of it to work and ambition instead of being moody. Mercury aspect to the Moon increases your ability to absorb, analyze and communicate information, be it intellectually or instinctively. Neptune sits close to the Moon increases your imagination and intuition. You are exceptionally charming with this placement. You may find that people are drawn to you without much effort. With Neptune here, your imagination is more practical and structured, easier to work on and bring into reality.

    Your purpose is to be more compassionate and develop your intuition and imagination. You have abundant of these and you will find happiness being more helpful to those in need and work in creative field. But watch for Neptune’s illusion, you may not see people the way they really are and you will be taken advantage of. Venus adds artistic taste but a tendency to idolize someone and something, you only see what you want to see. Be careful who you trust and always use your intellectual and intuitive ability before giving your time and effort. Neptune’s illusion can make you mistake compassion with playing victim role, you feel responsible for things that happen beyond your control. If you are hurt and disappointed, compose a song and paint something, rather than addiction. Midheaven in Leo shows you will achieve success in the creative field. Leo goes for the best, you will go all out to achieve success.

    I see an emotional problem stemming from early home life. Not necessarily lack of parental nurturing, but probably you did not receive the nurturing you need. Your parents or elderly figures in the family might not always be available for you, and you then decided to be ‘independent’ emotionally. You probably are good with taking care of yourself, you have the discipline and ambition to achieve your dreams. But emotionally something is missing. You may not want to express your need for affection because you fear you will be labelled ‘needy, immature’ or ‘momma’s girl’. Or it’s the other way around, you don’t know how to express your affection properly, somehow your loved ones just don’t get it and they feel smothered instead. For this, inner work is necessary. Everything starts within. As part of self improvement, take higher learning in spirituality. Meditation and yoga are good exercises to do regularly. These allow you to find inner guidance and achieve balance. Pluto in Scorpio shows great intuitive power but it also shows great emotional turmoil, an inner power struggle that can manifest outside in your relationship. Aspecting your rising, Pluto gives higher than average ability to regenerate from injury and sickness. Having Pluto at home (in Scorpio) gives a lot of intense energy, you may find that your very presence annoys people or draw people to you. The best way to channel this intense energy is to sports, something energetic. Creative channel might work, but I’d suggest go out and destroy something now and then. The intensity is most likely what annoys you, not the emotion itself. If you don’t channel it properly, Pluto will go out and provoke conflicts with other people and hurting them. But you don’t want to burn bridges, so do your best to channel this intense energy regularly.

    Keeping Pluto hidden will backfire on you and your relationship, you will be either dominating and controlling or you will be slave to please someone else’s dominating urge. This is indeed true with Venus in Cancer, because you love to nurture and be nurtured. Affection is intensified here, you may feel hurt and rejected if someone refuses to nurture you or to receive your affection. Don’t take it seriously, you can spend more time nurturing and improving yourself instead. Mars is in the sign of youthful energy Aries, another reason to do sports otherwise you can be aggressive, pushing people around and feeling restless altogether. This placement gives you charisma, but youthful energy don’t know how to stop sometimes, you are always looking for things to do and you can be impatient when everybody else doesn’t move at your pace. This is a good energy to have if you have a busy schedule, you will always have something to do and never get bored. But since Mars sits in the house of health, be careful don’t overwork, or Mars will injure you.

    From what I can see, it’s more of directing energy than ‘annoying’ emotions problem. Self improvement can be achieved physically, mentally and spiritually as I described above. Whatever you do, make sure it is something you enjoy doing and worth doing. If you want to know more about astrology, I can recommend some good books to read. Let me know. It’s worth it to learn the language of the cosmos. The age of Aquarius is the age of light and individuality. No community is functional, if the individuals in it are not ‘functional’. Trine, sextiles, opposition and squares are all good. All of these teach us something. Improve yourself , and have fun at it !

  • Thanks LS.. some things haven't really happened yet, like experiencing loss... unless you count my great uncle who died when I was younger... it didn't affect me THAT much though. But about experiencing loss... it's part of the natural order of things... older people die, new people are born.

    Of course, I do have the ability to stand alone, but as you said in another part, ''emotionally, something is missing''. Still, being alone isn't necessarily a bad thing, there are many things one can do alone(like going to a restaurant and enjoying the food without having to focus on talking to someone else).

    But there are also things one can't do alone.

    Yes I do have destructive impulses sometimes, I want to get a sandbag, but it is kind of expensive. Y'see, sometimes I like hitting stuff, discharging energy, breaking things, destroying things. But I don't want to cause pain to others.

    I used to tend to discharge this negative energy on myself(purely on the psychological/emotional plane, not physical!), but these past few months I have released some of those tendancies, by trying(and succeeding, for the most part) at maintaining a positive mindset.

    '''...You may not want to express your need for affection because you fear you will be labelled ‘needy, immature’ ...'' This part is also right.

    Plus, from what I see, ''normal'' men seem to not be supposed to do this, apparently men these days just go after women, have ***, then eventually the woman falls for them, and only much later do they express their need for affection. I AM NOT SURE IF THIS IS HOW IT IS, but that's totally what it seems like to me... and I'm NOT like that, which is perhaps half the reason I have had no success with relationships until now.

    Apparently I have to get muscles, and a good car, and optionally money. But then again, I don't want to be chased by a batallion of girls, just one. One that is sure of exactly what she wants, and who wants to stay with me. Sometimes I wonder if this kind of people is a myth... but I have a good example at home(I think... my parents.) which makes me keep on believing.

  • well you are still 22, long way to go yet LOL

    I did say not only loss, separation from loved one too. like you said you had no success in relationships. they just didn't stay.

    self improvement like I said doesn't only lead to money success or one girl dream

    it's still worth doing even if you don't end up with any of those

    I did the chart reading so I'll move on to the next thread

    have a good weekend

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