My subconscious Twin!

  • I'm a Gemini who went to a party last night with my Leo husband. I did have a glass or two of wine, and so my usual chatty self was twice as loud. I rarely drink so this is not an everyday occurance for me. Unfortunately someone mentioned my husband's ex was going out to lunch with my mother in law today. It didn't bother me. I've been married for years to my hubby and this girl went out with him for about 6 months before I met him. I did think that she should move on with life though as she seems to have an unhealthy interest in our family activities. I laughed off any comments in my usual style. I get home and spent the next hour alternating between floods of tears and shouting at my hubby for no apparent reason. It was like my subconscious twin was let loose for an hour and all my frustrations spilt out! This morning though, my Leo husband is not impressed. Any ideas how I can win his affections back again? His pet hates are talking about the past and turning on the waterworks!

  • rnrchick how is your relationship with his mom? And if you have been married for several years why is she talking to his mom? Was there a connection to her before your Leo was with her? I don't know whether your relationship with your mother-in-law is special or not that it would do for you to ask her if there was something going on behind your back or not. I really wish I had something to tell you but maybe it would be better to just sit back and watch. But you know what atleast he knows your aware of his x and his mother having lunch.

  • Actually I get on really well with my M-I-L and hubby's ex only knew her when she dated her son. My relationship with my MIL is more like friends than a "mother" figure...but my other sister in laws are not as independent as me and she does tend to pander and mother them. As far as I can gather, this ex had a very traumatic and abusive upbringing and I think its pulled on MIL's heartstrings. This girl is 41/42 and has never been in a long term relationship beforeand she was hoping that there was a future with my Leo. There is nothing going on behind my back...husband is annoyed at this girl hanging around still. Please don't get me wrong, I don't mind who my MIL has lunch with, I have no hatred for this girl either, but she tells people she's "family"....and when I had my babies she told a neighbour of mine that it could have been her!!My poor neighbour was so embarrassed! Personally I'm waiting for the day that she meets a nice man who will love and cherish her. To be honest too much alcohol had made me cry out in frustration ....I feel that every move we make a a family is being watched and monitored by her and she's waiting for a slip up!!! I spoke to hubby a minute ago on the phone and he sounded OK, so I think I'll avoid wine for awhile and concentrate my focus on spoiling him tonight! He's worth it!!! Thanks for listening Libras Lair.

  • rnrchick don't get me wrong I was thinking about your husband doing something behind your back it was the x. Scoping things out I was talking about. Well enjoy your evening you should be rewarded for keeping your king happy.

  • I was not thinking about your husband. Didn't proof read.

  • Hi, My son is a Gemini and if something isn't right, sooner or later it'll surface. It's not healthy for a Gemini to keep stuff in. People do strange stuff. I went out to eat after church w/a good friend of mine. We went w/some friends from the musical group there. This couple in their early 60's sat across from us. They both went on about how they changed to this church because of the way my friend plays the guitar. The lady mainly talked to my friend and her body language said a lot. Although both of these people have good careers, I got the wierd vibe from them. Anyway, I'm sure my friend likes the attention but I wanted to say, be careful. Anyway, if it feels wierd to you then it probably is. This girl you are talking about probably has found a sympathetic ear w/your MIL. If your MIL is a Pisces it's probably like a friendship--probably irritating to you.

  • Dalia - you're right. She's a pisces and I think she's only a sympathetic ear for this girl and I admire that, I really do. That is why I bottled up my frustrations and only let them out in the privacy of my front of my bewildered husband!!!

    Anyway, the good news is that when my husband came home that evening he was absolutely fine and laughed off my outburst...(and yes,we had a great night!!!!)

    Even better, I saw my MIL after her lunch date and she was so excited to tell me that this girl was moving away with a "friend" ...moving quite a distance away. MIL said it was a relief because hopefully it would mean that she had finally moved on. If that is the case I am genuinely pleased for her and I hope she finds a lot of happiness because she does deserve it.

    Thanks for listenining Libras Lair and Dalia...not a problem exactly I know but a chance for me to really air my stupid frustration and get it out in the open so I can move on too with my family life! Its really been appreciated.

  • Well rnrchick that made your day! And very glad that you had a wonderful time with your husband. Have a great day and great week.

  • totally have been there! It's cuz our minds are so active and we explore all the possibilities of a situation before we come to a conclusion! Usually though, we're right on with our first thought : )

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