Can anyone help me with a love reading please?

  • Good day to all. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a reading about my future love life? Im just wondering if I am going to find love soon? Also I have been talking to this guy from my past we had feelings for each other then and I have feelings for him now, but he doesnt seem too. Will something come out of our "relationship"? Thank you for your time. My name is Michelle 7/5/1983 His name is Matthew 05/07/1985

  • Whether you find love or not is up to you and if you have removed all blocks inside you to finding a partner. Your astrological profile says that you like the bizarre and the unusual and may seek fulfillment in any number of odd, ecstatic or even cult-like experiences and affiliations. You may find it hard to keep your romantic imaginings tempered with truth and practical reasoning. Or worse, you may find it hard to tell reality from fantasy, or truth from fiction, thus leaving you open to tricksters and conmen. Still, your tendency to overindulge in fantasy and idealism is mitigated by your astute psychological insight. Your path is towards self-knowledge and, if you can learn to analyse and evaluate your own behaviour with the same accuracy that you can often view others, your life will become much easier. Once you cultivate greater objectivity and better discover the truth of who you are inside so that you can indulge your real nurturing side (instead of your pretensions), the richer and more improved your love life will become.

    You and Matthew: the thrust of this relationship may be breaking through barriers to communication and opening up common areas of expression. There may be an intense curiosity in uncovering hidden and perhaps unappreciated aspects of the other person - in coming close, studying, learning, and above all understanding. Both of you have an unusually strong need to express your points of view; here is a relationship geared specifically to just that. Your friend has much to teach you but also much to learn from you about how to be himself without compromising his individuality in the face of society's pressures or enslaving himself to the demands of work, school or family. Indeed pride in individuality may emerge as an important theme here.

    Your love affair can be deep and passionate. Your friend has a big weakness for your unconventionality (as long as you behave like your real self and don't put on any pretensions - Taureans love honesty in others) and can give himself without reservation. He will encourage you to reveal more of your authentic self within the safety of this relationship. You might find him a bit staid, even dull in certain respects but will appreciate his enthusiasm for learning about unusual subjects and activities. You can teach your friend how to lighten up and laugh, especially by looking at humor in the bizarre. You will enjoy his stability and security. In all these ways, the relationship can be ideal for both of you.

  • Captain, Thank u so much for your time and insight. You were so spot on with everything you said. I hope Matthew and my relationship becomes more. But then at the same time I am holding on to a past relationship with someone else in hopes we will get back together again.

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  • I think that is something of a feature of a Cancerian personality profile - always holding out in case you meet someone who is more like your ideal of a partner - searching and never being entirely satisfied with who you have. "The grass is probably greener in someone else's yard" is the Cancer version of the old saying.

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