Shuabby...i'm looking for some sage advice!

  • shuabby, i'm a long time lurker with now a few posts under my belt. your insight into the complicated chaos that is love and the modern relationship amazes me! i'm coming to you to help me find some guidance.

    this gentleman and i have known each other for about 6 years. first as business acquaintances, then friends, then more then friends. our chemistry and time together is absolutely electric. we can't get enough of each other, but i think he's feeling some trepidation before making the final plunge. i feel like he's my soul mate.

    me: 6.8.74

    him: 7.3.78

    any guidance is welcome and MOST appreciated. thank you shuabby.

  • Dear Wineaux,

    You will either bring this relationship to the alter by June of next year or you will wave good-bye due to another party coming into the picture on your behalf. You two have very good chances of making it a lifetime affair if Mr. Right will just let go of the fear and committ. I do believe that next year he will want more in his life than he does at this time in terms of love and career. He is facing movement and changes that will involved an interstare long distance move it feels like to me. Sunny CA or even the Islands is in his vibes. You will have to be ready to leave all connections that you have and go with him. BIG deceision on your part.

    If you do not go with him, never fear as there is another near that just may slide in and waltz your heart away from him. Big man tall over 6'2 and bright blues eyes , dark hair and knows what to do in almost every area of life. There is no fear with this warrior. You will be his princess in the most enduring , loving way. He is not far away and riding that steed right into your back yard real soon. April is what I am getting. You will have a delicious choice to make.

  • you rock! and of course, right on the money. the dates you reference have sentimental meaning to he & i which is very interesting. and he's looking to advance his career, so moving is a probability.

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