Positive Energies Needed

  • Could I ask everyone here to send positive energies to our friend little Andy he's a real sweetie but he's had a real run of bad luck he's hopefully going into hospital on Tuesday for a second attempt at hernia repair, he's had it happen before but they cancelled as he got there He's a bit of a poet but has not been able to write for two years, and when we saw him yesterday he was bruised all down one side of his arm and face and had stitches by his eye he has arthritic hands so he had to retire early but he always tries to be cheerful and always is very sweet to me as he thinks I'm gorgeous and a lovely person, so with your help, maybe I could be for him,


  • Andy has a special angel of healing with him at the moment.

  • Thankyou Captain

  • Andy seems lots better now thankyou everyone, may I now ask for some extra for my poor ma in law, she seems to be a bit suffering with the weather and her back so it would be very much appreciated, she was born on 4th sept 1924 in Wexford Ireland if that will help though we arent too sure of the date as she hasn't got a birth certificate but her health definitely needs a boost, as last christmas she couldn't even sit and have Chrismas dinner with us all because of her back pain

  • Hoping things get better for your family and friends chrissitcat,

    Love and Blessings BeeXx

  • thankyou Angelbee

  • My prayers are with your friend Andy may he heal quickly

  • me too! ChrissiCat, Hugs, Cat

  • Thankyou

  • I wanted, to offer, "a Hopi(Indian People, archaically/ currently, "similar" to Celtic Peoples, more, later....) Prayer/Feather also, I "asked" for this, next time, I went out, a beautiful feather, was at the door, Good Sign! Prayer-Feathers ("pathos") are placed, in what, you might think of "as a Garden" site, of their own, private, naturally beautiful, sacred; the "grounding" is the Earthly/Human, connection, to " Source", the feather, "Flys", the prayer, accordingly (somewhat, like, the Pegasus, concept...) and, is, "perpetual" like, Tibbetan, "Pray Wheels" oddly, the feathers, "don't blow, away" (Hopi, "Magek", apparently!) anyway, "for you/yours, Andy. Hugs! Cat

  • Thankyou Cat

  • You're welcome, ChrissiCat! ' working, toward(s) Solstice/Christmas Eve-Day, for, Mother, Husband (William, except, when, I'm/we are, "at Odds", then, "Bill/Billy-boy...) New years Eve-Day, "Day", is Williams' birthday; I try, to treat, this time, as final "Samhain", for, the planetary, year; I'm sure, you're, in similar pursuits! (PS, you look like, Marianne Faithful, from the 60's, related?) Grace, Cat

  • not related but thanks Very much for the compliment, still trying to figure out what everyone wants as son gave us a christmas list that if we get it will involve a bank-robbery.....camera lenses and photography stuff for his course........And he wants to go to Uni, that's before I think of anyone else's pressies or solstice celebrations

    Blessed Be )O(

  • everyone's(seniors) "old" now, family, the pagentry/ gifts/Gifts, "Divine Enthusiasm", has, prettywell, subsided, which, has both, "plus/minus"; "it" needs, some, reinventing(for us) which, I am, also, working, on!, but, how exciting, to be doing, the "pressies", and, all the Lovely rest, of it! Good, for you, and on you! The way, you "talk",(ex: Pressies, etc.) so, reminds me, of, my stepfather(The Scot), and his Father, it's, like, a "present", Thanks! enjoy, it, so much! errands, today, and(hopefully) "some Holiday"! how, is, Andy? Grace & Hugs! Cat

  • Haven't seen him for a bit bit I told him he was to look after himself better so he's probably at home, as it's very icy here and I've already had a fall myself, and done myself an injury, I am from London originally but went to boarding school where we mixed with people from all over so probably picked it up from there, also I know I picked up stuff from others that I used to hang with at college too Dad's irish though so some comes from him and some from mum too, and hubby 's mum is irish but from Wexford instead of Dublin so more comes in there too

    Love and Light

  • First, I'm sorry, about your fall, ice etc., one reason, we, relocated, here, New Mexico(did some things, right...... hahaha!!!) foreseeing, as we, got older, cold,damp, snowy, icey, etc., not good, so, clearly, I empathize/ sympathize, etc., My Father, would so love, to be here, too, "but evil stepmother, blah,blah,blah! " anyway, Great Story, for you! (tried, online, last night, SOOOOooo SLOOOooooow, gave up!) Friday, on the way, to do, a little, Holiday(Pressies!) as, we are walking out, William, says(out of the Blue, mind you!) "what's, ChrissiCat say?" I say " She, says. "Blessed, Be", (now, this, for him..... "HUGE" 1st Thank You, to you!) he repeats, this, in consideration, then, he says, "that's pretty! is, that, a Gift!?" Yes, and Yes! off we go....... "IT" was, a TOTALLY, "BLESSED BE," DAY!!!!!!! Thank You, so much! !!! William, (not like him) just, keeps saying, "Thank, ChrissiCat"; so, we, both, THANK YOU, CLEARLY, "MAGIC&MIRACLES", IN YOUR, MOST GENEROUS, "GIFT", and, hoping, it will be returned, to you," shared", 3 fold, at least! We, would, both, "have to rob something" to achieve most of the pressie-list, this year; grossly, reduced the list; everywhere, we went, everything, on sale, special, coupons etc., and, by chance, even ended up, with beautiful, (originally, expensive;" very high quality,") furniture, for a pitance, and just, in time, for The Houses' Birthday, Monday, the6th! even better, yet! So, (another, Miracle!, thank you!) William, is now, completely, centered, on "Blessed, Be", and in sincere, loving Gratitude! Blessed, Be! ChrissiCat! Hugs, and love! Kathleen&William (more, to follow, shortly........)

  • sorry, "reality" knocked; anyway, dozens, & dozens, of people, have "found", us, in our (intersecting) "Journey"/Life Path, from, England/Scotland, imparticular, always, so welcoming, so fond, in rememberance, so, "Blessed Be", for, the experience, "The Gifts"! Here, always, either Oxford, occasionally York; in Michigan, Newcastle, Liverpool(e?), and, various, places, in Scotland, all of whom(Michigan Group)had, immigrated, after WWII, and, had fascinating, wonderful stories(and, some....... of great pain, sadness..... like London, during the bombing, etc....) William's heritage, immediate, "Slovak/Slovanian", so, any one, from," The United Kingdom", always, a treat, for him, too! Anyway, I know, you mentioned, being, a model, not a surprise, "stunning"; was this, in part, from College, Art Studies? or, from College, "I'd (you) really, rather, be "Someone" (free-spirited, artist, model,etc......) versus, "Something" (accountant, lawyer/barrister etc.)"? anyway, Thanks Much! Blessed Be You/Yours, Hugs! K&W

  • That's lovely Cat thankyou

    may you and William have many more blessings

    and a merry Yuletide too

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be)O(

  • we, think, you're, "a Muse"! are, you, by chance? we're, feeling, "inspired"! that's, nice, again! ' hope, pressie hunting, has been in abundence; we're, pretty well, set, for it all; we have, a resident spirit/ghost, we call him, Caretaker, I have reason, to believe & know, he is, an archaic Hopi (hoe-P) indian; I've seen him, twice, once, inside, and oddly, once, outside, on the patio, he is about, 6ft tall, iceblue/white; the cats, see him, mostly(still, creeps out William, somtimes, it creeps, me out, because, I think, they're, seeing an intruder, a live one)anyway, it appears, his house, is inside, ours; he, is connected, to the "land", we unknowingly, built, over him; this time of year, he/Hopis, are in preparation, for, Solstice, equivilent, so, we include him, in our "Plans", too, just in case, he may, be aware, or sense, us, in some way; At, one point, after, consulting, a number, of different (Tribes) and, being aware, of "legite"(University,Depts., programs, concerning, Paranormal/Electromagnetic) "had, a sit-down" , politely/gently, suggesting, his work, was done, he could, "go on", or, he was, welcome, to stay; we've, been told, he is also, a guardian/protector, also; "it, does, feel, that way", frequently, anyway, it's, been, very interesting! So, hoping, all is, splendid! Love and Light, and Blessed Be! Hugs, Cat& Bill

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