Candy Hunt of 2010!

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi, Everyone. You made my day with the hints. Great. May good Karma come your way. Happy Halloween! Carol

  • Finding candy has always been meaningful. It makes me happy to receive such a tasty gift. Thanks for all of your help, may good Karma come your way!!!

  • This one took me a while, but I found it! I had to combine a few clues to make it easier. Thank you all!

  • Thank you all- for the hints/ help. This was so much fun!

    I first got confused with the brain tickler and I found some very enjoyable games, but no candy.

    I finally found it- it is all about the "gifts" and the "hunt" after all.

  • Thanks for the gift! It was very meaningful.

  • Well, flowsco - I got lost in the "wrapping", but moonwinddreamer helped get it through my thick skull! (I like garage sales too. Who knows what meaningful treasures you find in someone else's junk?)

  • @ Ketirasp

    I am little surprised and happy that it was a real brain tickler. I thought using the word unwrapping is a straight referral to gift.

    Yet glad with moonwinddreamer's nudge you and the other's got it. 2 more days to go!!

  • Flowsco, the unwrapping was the lead I needed to find the answer and that's what lead me to the answer.

  • Well, I must be particularly dense this morning, because even though I seem to understand the "meaning" of the "gifts" these clues are to all of us, I still can't find it. I'll keep trying, but life goes on and I'll have to call it quits soon.

  • You'll find the "needful things" at the bottom of the Karma Coins

  • Found it. Was trying to get to that page by an indirect route and you have to use the front door, so to speak.

  • Wondering what to spend my coins on. I prefer the tarot card and astrology readings. Any suggestions?

  • Today's hunt (30-10):

    Compare to the others ...right now I am the centre of attention

    You know me in two different forms

    Either way when you get me mad I am deadly

    Happy Hunting ( I hope this one is a bit easier)

  • TY for all of your hints!

    I'm thinking scorpio=deadly will have to go check everything out!

    Umm I guess I have been away for awhile, not sure this is easier lol!

  • Flowsco-

    Thanks again.. Yes Scorpio is deadly and the center of attention this month.

    gemmygirl- you confused me so much, I thought that was another clue.. I wish you just said it was just a question and not a hint.. I spent so much time going all over the place.

    Ok- yes there are other things to buy with karma coins- such as Feng Shui , I Ching and Numerology Reports.

    I also know they have a tarot "stuff" shop online, but I am not sure if they use karma coins there.

    Maybe someone else may know that for sure and help out.

  • Another great clue...this one was too easy!!! Happy Halloween and thanks for all the great tips and hints!!!! Blessed Be...

  • @ Gypsy65

    LOL...yeah...felt a lil guilty of what happen yesterday. (headaches, getting tangled up in name

    I will see what I can come up with tomorrow...

  • @librasunited-sorry, didn't mean to confuse anyone. So many people has already posted hints before me, I figured everyone knew what page the candy was on. So I guess it's my turn to experience karma, cause I can't find the candy anywhere this morning LOL

  • been searching the site for over an hour now i cant find the candy.... twaz easy yesterday

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