Candy Hunt of 2010!

  • Thank you, everybody for the help. I meticulously clicked through the whole top menu (which gets tedious since many menu options are redundant and some disappear). By the time I got here, I was no longer in the mood (nor had the time) to keep clicking around. Purplequeen held my hand just that little bit more. When I found the most likely place, I just browsed around a little.

    Did they have candy hunt last year? In the past 2 years, they've been revamping how they do things (I miss my annual birthday coins, heh, but the free reading is cool, so no complaints!). I seem to remember no candy hunt last year. maybe they realized they cut off a good thing and brought it back due to demand, but not the whole month so they don't give away too many freebies, killing their business.

    I won't be able to answer, but I will read replies. Thanks, peeps! I will keep an eye on the topic in the following days. 🙂

  • Thanks for the hint - it's a great one!

  • Thanks for the hint!! had to read it a few times!! love the "hunt" lol

    Thanks again all, Light & Love

  • Ketirasp who "waves index finger at SpiritualAdvisor I don't like being LED " Then don't come here for clues if you don't like to be LED. And it's Spiritual Archaeologist, not Advisor.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks everyone for the hints and Thank you SpiritualArchaeologist. I like the hints but sometimes I just don't have the time or understand the clues. Thank you to all !

  • @ succotash,

    Yes…tarot had a Candy hunt last year and on a few other occasion but that hasn’t happen this year for whatever reason. The hunts have been very short in the past. Sometimes 5 days and I have seen some of 3 days (weekend).

    I used to be a regular on the forum and so initiated these kinds of threads as this one to have fun with some brain ticklers. I couldn’t resist so I am back for this one.

    @ bellydancer55,

    I had to put something in the hint to make you work for your candy…so that’s why I said horizontal AND vertical. Otherwise it would have been too easy.

    To answer your question a lil about how people find the candy. There is a method to it if you are at it for a while but if I disclose tarot might change tactics and I don’t really want that. 😉

    @ purplequee,

    Hmmm lol....I had to think of something that sounded similar to the original word and it fitted fine with the topic of Halloween. But glad you figured it out. But you do know you got an advantage living here right? Lol.

    I might put one up tomorrow if I find the candy.

  • Everyone needs to remember this is a game! Let's be friends and help each other! Happy hunting!

  • Today's hunt (27-10) . I must say this one I had to think a bit in how to make it interesting so here goes:

    I like you my friend so lets hunt.

    From page to page we collect candy ...yum!

    Yet when we finish we got to share what we got.

    Will our signs define and measure how strong and true our friendship is?

    Happy hunting!

  • Ah Moonwinddreamer.....I am correct that you found it too? If so good going. 🙂

  • Yes, yes I found it.. Thanks a bunch!

    this is truly about friendship 🙂

  • Got it! Thanks again Flowsco 😉

  • hello 🙂 I found the candy for the 1st time today, and it was because of the hint given, and I joined the forum having been on some years now to just say thank you 🙂 so Thank you:)

  • Great hint, easy find....thank you and blessings to you.

  • I have a question, do the coins from previous days stay there or do they go away when that particular day has passed?

  • You guys are so good with the clues! I love it, makes it much more fun 🙂

    @Gypsy65-your coins should stay in your account. They're free for you to use on whatever readings you like.

  • Measuring friendship - nice one! thanks!!

    @gypsy65 - wasn't sure if you meant you can still collect coins from yesterdays candy hunt - no. Its a new one each day.

    I am pretty sure there was one last year though.

    What happened to Super KFC?????

  • (or should that be Super KC - not the chicken chain!!! LOL)

  • Your welcome guys!!

    I love making up hints if the material I have to work with is good.

    Perhaps next time with a KFC bucket on my desk....LOL

  • Yes Purplequeen, that's what I meant...can you collect coins from yesterday...sorry for the confusion.

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