Candy Hunt of 2010!

  • @Istaria - and a nice hint it is, since I don't go to that section of the site! ^.~

    (I've my own Gifts, so I use them instead.)

    As for in the future - if you've got Facebook or Twitter, follow the site that way, and you'll get reminded on when the next Hunt is! (Their Twitter is @tarotcom .)

  • Thank you one and all for clues and hints. Managed to find them all except one (missed the first day). Happy haunty Hollow Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

  • Thanks also to everyone who participated, clues and hints. I was able to find all the candy, save one, which was the first day and I did not know it was happening and missed it, but I got all the others due to the hints. Happy Halloween and see you all next year! It was fun!

  • Just wanted to say thanks guys especially to Flowsco love your clues managed to get all the days except one day didn't go on computer. Mind you yesterday I got the candy and they didn't credit my account, but no worries as thanks to you wonderful people, and fun clues still have enough kc's to get a reading now. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all you beautiful people. xxx

  • I found it on the first try. Thank You one and all especially Flowsco for all the hints. I couldn't have done it without all of your help. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

  • Teroula,

    If you contact the staff at from one of the drop down menus, let them know you didn't get your coins, and they'll likely give you the 5 coins.

  • Thank you for all the hints and clues. Happy Halloween to ALL!

  • Another fantastically easy hint....with all the wonderful hints you have made it so easy to find all the candy...thanks to you wonderful hint givers, I've found all of the candy...I did however miss the first 2 days, not because of clues, but of my own "stuff" Have a most blessed Halloween!!!!

  • Yesterday's "hint" was so easy, I couldn't find it!!! LOL!

    Happy Halloween all. May all that is behind, yet haunts one finally find a resting place. May sweetness enter in its stead. May the souls of those lost, see the light of remembrance and find their way home. May the sleep of darkness, yield fruits of spiritual growth and attunement.

    So be it, and so it is.

  • Wow. I must be dense!! I cannot find the candy today, even with the clues.

  • No worries, Flowsco... I put it all together in hindsight after I found the candy. In fact, I considered LIbra, because I was born in October and Libra takes up most of the month, so I was close to piecing it together, but I don't usually follow the monthly zodiac. Alas! It's all good!!! 😉

    Thanks again!

  • TripleVirgo, it doesn't take a Psychic to find the candy today!!!! Heh 😉

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