Need Reading Desperately

  • I have been off the forum for over a year now and while some things in life have improved others seem even more trying. I would love a general reading as to what lessons I am missing here. I am a Pisces/Taurus rising dob- 02/26/1970 born @ 9:26 am Newburgh , NY . Anyone who would be so kind as to help a fellow soul who is floundering (pun intended) would be most appreciated. I thank you in advance and am open to any and all help. Blessed Be to all.

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  • Rikku

    You are learning your lessons in life just like we all are and they never stop coming. You have teachers that come in many forms and than if you become the A student you are rewarded with more than jewels.You will find some interesting people coming into your life this new year and you are ready to open the book and begin to live life on a higher more even level. Expect to have movement in your career and homelife in 2011. Seek and find new ways to communicate and entertain. This will all lead you to happiness and a fullfillment you have never known. I hear bells ringing and a wedding in December. Julia is a name coming in here and Adam also. If you do not know them you will and they will make you smile.

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