Anyone want to trade readings?

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  • SearchingAshes: Do you have a card that you usualy use for yourself as a significator?

    I like to choose one that closely approaches the person rather than just choosing one by

    astrological sign because that can get complicated when there are multiple people of the same sign involved in a person's life. (Me, my sister, My Mom and my niece are all Pisces - so using the Queen or page of cups got messy)

  • Sure turtledust... bring it on. I don't mind that you are not used to reading in this situation. Give me an idea of what you are wanting to know from your reading.

    I do not know what card best represents me as far as queens go. All of my friends pick a different one for me based on their own interpretation of my personality. I have a book that assigns you a significator card based on your numerology. For that method, I come out as the High Priestess if that helps at all but I have never really worked with cards in that way so I'm afraid I can't offer much more help.

    Let me know if you are wanting an other info from me.

  • Shuabby, if you're still out there I would definitely like to trade readings with you. I have never come across anyone who is simply clairvoyant and does not use cards. Please let me know if you are wanting my questions through email or if I should simply post them and you will be checking back. Thanks. 🙂

  • Hi SearchingAshes - I really felt ill last night. I will try to get this done for you tonite.! After I do it I will let you know what I would like for a reading. I am still at work right nw.

  • No prob turtledust.. Ill keep checking back.

  • Searching Ashes = my Ryder Waite Deck is MIA - so I had a choice of using my Dali deck or the Aquarian Tarot deck I have had since I was 13. THe Dali Deck is way too weird. I cannot shuffle the Toth deck - the cards are too big. SO I used the Aquarian deck here's the layout for the Celtic Cross with the High Preistess as the signficator.

    1. covering -Strength

    2. crossing - 6 of pentacles

    3, crowning - The SUn

    4. Beneath - King of Swords

    5. Behind - The Emperor

    6. Before - The KNight of Swords

    then -

    4 of pentacles

    Queen of Cups

    Page of Pentacles and ending with

    Seven of Cups

    I am going to say that this looks to me like a positive spread.

    The strength card indicates that you have achieved strength of faith in yourself and your capabilities. I will say that it has to do with the Emporer being behinf you - in the past you have had to nurture something or someone to bring them along and you have had to guide the project or person. Your have developed strength by doing this. Your fear is now that finances will prevent you from moving on, but this is not going to be as great an obstav=cle as you fear because you have the SUN to guide you and light your way. The basis of your strength is the ability to think clearly (The King of swords) Or you have had good counsel which has helped you build strenght by helping you to make good decisions ( aa lawyer or educator or counselor perhaps) The near furture may bring you a message - perhaps bad news or information conflicting with what you expect or what you want ot to be. This information may be brought to you suddenly and in a less than tactful manner by a young man. You may also be focusing too much upon the intellectual /logical basis of things and may be trying to force your ideas upon others - or others may be trying to force their ideas upon you. There will soon come a moment when diplomacy will be needed, but yoy will have the strength and brilliance to use it.

    Yourself and current state of mind is represented by the 4 of pentacles. Generally this represents someone holding on tightly to something (the man in the card is holding on tightly to his money). It could mean that you ar eholding on very tightly to an idea or a goal ( or a person) and this could create the above conflict - or you may need to loosen your hold on the idea or the person to who you are holding onto, in order to move forward.

    The circumstances surrounding your situation are represented by the Queen of Cups. Therefore they are highly emotional( rather than logical) again - another reason for the conflict above. Rather than pursuing things solely by intellect and reason, you must also allow emotions to lead your direction.

    What you hope for/what you fear - or perhaps both is represented by the Page of Pentacles.

    You are hoping for - perhaps good news for you financially as this appears to have been

    one of your on=bstacles earlier in the reading. If the page of pentacles represents a person that you can identify with - it is someone with much knowledge of art and living well. Of living a "moneyed" life (even if they are not tha well - off) It also represents your ambitions and desires to be better off that you may be now.

    Finally we have the 7 of cups - Options - many options. You will be presented with a number of options some of which may allow you to overcome the financial obstacles you may be wary of.

    You have developed the intellect and strength of mind (logic) to choose the most promising option, but do not forgo emotional needs when choosing a path. "Leave no love behind to go forth to seek a fortune, for fortune with a heart to share it is not wealth at all." (okay I made that up - I am sure there is a Shakespeare quote somewhere that says it right)

    Well - I hope you get something out of this. All the cards made sense as he were laid out.

    I did not venture to assign "people" to the cards because I was not sure what you were asking for, or what you were asking about. But there ausre are a lot of court cards laid out here.

    Also - for you information - I shuffle my deck so that cards are always upright. It seems stupid to me to read "reversed cards, as the deck can be so easily stacked. A card is a card. Now if one "falls out" during a shuffle - that is different. (none fell out)

    Let me know what you think Thanks and good luck!!!

    PS - I did this without reading any of the responses from the other members because I did not want to "taint" what I got for you.

  • Thank you turtledust. I did find this quite informative. I will get to your reading monday morning if not in a little bit here. I will do a general overall unless you have something specific you would like me to ask. Also, I do not read reversed cards either :-). I just find it unnecessary for the most part. Thanks again

  • Hi SearchingAshes - I just read this - please forgive my typos - I was sort of taking notes and typing as I was reading the cards - keyboard in my lap.

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