Anyone want to trade readings?

  • Hi, I have been reading cards for over 15 years. I am wanting a reading on my current relationship. I do not want to read this one for myself due to objectivity. I read the Rider-Waite deck and also have an oracle deck that I use for different types of questions. (Healing with the Fairies)

    I would prefer a reading from a reader who reads as I do in this situation. (typical celtic spread with a rider-waite type deck) I was fortunate enough to receive a reading a few months back from a gentleman in a new age book store, it was an oracle deck and I felt it was not able to answer my questions in a way that I needed at the time so I would like to stay away from that type of reading on this one.

    Thanks to anyone who replies.

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  • Mine is 10-10-1980, His is 03-04-1980

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  • Great, thank you so much. That makes me feel better. I almost posted myself, that i will do the return reading in the morning because that is when I'm fresh. 🙂 ..... Are you wanting a reading in return?

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  • Ok, and you sign or b-day?

  • And I am new to this forum... Is there a way to email the readings to each other or just post them here??? I'm confused on this particular forum.

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  • ok... got it... thanks again.

  • Hello Searchingashes,

    I would love to trade readings with you. I 'm clairvoyant , no cards and you can read my posts and answers to those whom I have read for throughout this forum. If you do deceide that I'm they type of reader you want to hear from, than send along your questions and DOB.

  • Hi there, I don't want to be greedy as someone has already offered but I would still love any and all readings. So yes, If your still interested, that would be great. I am finding myself frustrated with the lack of ability to contact people through email on this site. Do you care to trade email addresses for the readings or would you be more comfortable just posting here? Either way is okay with me, I would just prefer to go through email with specific questions and am finding myself feeling bad posting private readings out in the open. Let me know.

  • Hey there, ok, I have your reading. I have to tell you I am not sure if I am a bit off this morning. My first impression of your reading was to gather my cards back up and start over which I rarely feel these days, at the same time I have learned to try and not doubt myself. So I don't know if it was due to my confusion on love or work or if I was just off or perhaps this all will make perfect sense to you. I was just surprised at how each card seemed to be more of a reading of it's own rather than one fluid reading painting a clear picture. If you feel I was way off then let me know and I would be happy to try to re-focus. You don't even need to tell me where or why I was off. Just tell me to ditch this one and start over if you are left confused..... That being said, here you go.

    You find yourself in your current situation because you want what's rightfully yours to be given back or to be reinstated in your professional status. New elements will come to light in your work environment but you will still be unsettled because you have not yet established yourself in the position you want to be in.

    You want a successful partnership or to overcome the nagging feeling of fear or apprehension concerning it. You are in the process of making a decision like should I? Shouldn't I? Right now is an excellent time for unions. Despite your fears, new partnerships will be established or existing ones strengthened.

    Hopes and fears... You are hoping for something good to materialize and want to see it follow through. You will be worried about a course of action you took or a major purchase that was made. your plans for a business merger or get together are not going to go through because the timing will be off. For the time being, proceed in a step by step manor, doing only that which is required, and don't do anything you're not completely sure of or that you don't want to do or you may end up regretting it.

    Or I feel that all of that is irrelevant and this card is telling me someone you have been estranged from or who has cast you aside will try and win you back and what ever fears you've had is the past will be assuaged. I am a little jumbled on whether I'm reading work or love. 🙂 lol.

    Passing influences...

    You have been feeling you don't know what to do and afraid of losing control. Confusing issues that make you re-examine everything. Lots of should I do this or that? Will this or that work out? Wanting to force a resolution. Does anything at your work have to do with film or being taped? If there has been concern over your lover having fast flings, this will be a thing of the past.

    Forces that you are up against...

    Betrayal. The focus is on delays, setbacks, mental, physical or emotional exhaustion. But you will be surprised by an unexpected call or meeting with an old friend or potential lover.... A very positive encounter.

    You will emerge from this over the next 3-6 weeks focusing mainly on your family and daily living. Hoping a new approach will be successful. You may feel a bit down but new elements will enter your life making the future look hopeful again. Watch out for a large bill in the mail that you were not prepared for.

    The near future will evolve...

    Things start to turn around in business. The focus becomes moving ahead with anticipation in spite of fear, doubt or confusion and aligning yourself with supportive friends. You will be feeling torn in two on an emotional level though.

    Effects of others on you...

    You will be troubled by other peoples predicaments or a lack of commitment and your inability to do anything about it. People will make you take action to correct situations or change the way you respond to them.

    A lover will call and an important decision will be made as a result of that call. A voice from the past. You will be wondering whether or not to invest time in this relationship. Nostalgic over past love. Best course of action here is to accept what is offered. It could change your life.


    In the end, tensions will vanish, things will be righted and issues will be resolved in your favor.

  • Oooh, I just realized the order of the posts here. Usually I don't feel so computer illiterate! The above reading is for WATERGIRL!!!!

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  • Watergirl... I don't mind all that much but if given the choice I will have you email it so it doesn't throw off other readers for the time being. I'm happy you feel I was getting the right info. Please feel free to elaborate on your situation. My email is I will post your cards in a second here. let me just reconstruct it real quick.

  • k, this is position one through ten in the order I listed the reading. If you need more clarification on this let me know.

    1. 6 of Pentacles

    2. 3 of Wands

    3. 2 of Wands..... Just realized the 2 and 3 are a bit funny...

    4. The Chariot

    5. 5 of Cups

    6. 10 of pentacles

    7. 2 of Swords

    8. 10 of swords

    9. Judgement

    10. Knight of Wands

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  • Got it, Thank you so much. Yes it does make sense. I am emailing you details if you don't mind.

  • Hi Searching Ashes:

    I would love to try a reading for you. I have not read anyone else's answers. I have a rider waite deck that I use but my favorite deck is one that I have had since I was about 14 years old - it is the Aquarian deck.The only people I have ever read for are a couple of friends, my mom and myself.

    I am by no means an expert which is why I do not offer on this forum. I am awaiting the outcomes of some of the people I did pendulum readings for. One of the outcomes upset me very much so I out that on hold. I will be glad to try this for you. I will get back to you tomorrow. I you like it then you can do one for me. THanks!

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