Scorpio screwed up :(

  • Hey I'm a Scorpio on the cusp of sag, n I have to say I've had quite a ruling over men and am still young. I am a truly honest person and became well aware of my desires for control early on tho and Have learnt how to divert them. In relationships I don't need to put restrictions on my partner, or have a say in everything they do, but I do expect honesty from them above all, and respect. My issue though is I've been on and off with a sagitarius for about a year now, n I need some advice. Hes a guy always on the move, never in the same place twice and doesn't live off a schedule, I understand that n when we were together it seemed like he tell me what he was up to, but sometimes it didn't feel like he'd make time for me, and often I no it was in retaliation to something I'd done.

    Wer not together and I don't really expect we will get back together but I would like to like two bits of advice

    1. I'm very aware of sags unattachment to things when they feel it's not worth it, n I as a Scorpio have tried (very harshly unfortunately) to have some affect on him yet it seems to my very core it's had more of an affect on me. I just want some closure on it with him it seems like wer still friends, I just can't figure out if he was using me the whole time or Acctually did care and just doesn't now that I don't

    An 2. As silly as it sounds if we do get back together I'd like some advice on the best way to control my scorpioness with him, being on the cusp I know I have as much spontinaity and search for adventure as him, I'm certainly not the routine slave my sign is said to be, but it's when he wants to have his own adventure that I get caught up in questioning his love for me, and can retaliate quite over the top sometimes

    Anyways I'd love to hear from anyone, but especially some scorpios n sags, I believe ther can be compatibility between all signs, and I know it takes work from both ends I'd just like to know how I can either get over these feelings I have for him and the unintentional way his passivity to my aggressive dumping of him makes my insides twist into a knot, or how I can connect with him more and show him that I am Acctually making an effort, and then will he too?


    • a very disrtraugt Scorpio

  • What are your exact birthdates?

  • November 20, and December 11

  • You two can become involved in acute power struggles at times, yet you are nevertheless generally successful in communicating with one another rationally. Experiencing few barriers in understanding allows each of you at least to know where the other stands. Working out compromises may be the focus of this relationship, since channels of communication are usually open, and experience will teach you two that open conflict rarely results in anything more than bad feeling and loss of time. It may take a few knock-down, drag-out fights to wake you both up to this fact, however.

    Close friendships or more casual relationships will not work so well for the pair of you. Neither person may really have either the time or the interest to spend with the other on a regular basis - in fact, things usually work out better that way. You EHbaby will have great difficulty controlling your friend and, should you get too heavy or demanding about it, can risk losing him altogether. You can become too attached to and adoring of your friend to the point of becoming emotionally crippled unless your own individuality can assert itself. Power must be shared equally in this relationship. A love affair or marriage here may lack the understanding to ride over rough spots and survive crises, whether financial, sexual or romantic. Despite the ease with which you two talk to each other, emotional feelings do not run very deep here on both sides. You may however be content with a workable companionship, but a love match can quickly deteriorate into a hostile, blaming, and power-playing battleground. It takes determination on both sides to weather the storms of love here and your friend may just not have enough desire and strength for the commitment to do so.

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