Seven of pentacles and pregnancy prediction

  • I have done a new pregnancy prediction spread and have gotten 7 of Pentacles as an answer to the question "When will I become pregnant". What time frame could this card represent? Months, years, seasons, or could be intuitively divined

  • SonneundMond,

    Tarot Cards Are not intutive, they cannot predict furture tenses..Cards are Mainly

    to interpret a situation that is already Existant, Cards cannot feel energy, Nor can they

    may a prediction.. its simply to Re-Interpret your current situation.

    May I ask, did you pull this card on a Online site or by a Tarot Reader ?

  • 7 of pentacles means to keep trying, don't give up. It can also mean reflecting on a situation and figuring out if this is what your really want.

    I usually do timing like this.

    Air - Days

    Wands - Weeks

    Water - Months

    Coins - Years

    You can also go by the star sign associated with the card if you want "date frames"

    For an accurate result it is best to have some formula before you pick the cards. 🙂

  • Addicttoriches,

    I pulled this card with a tarot reader however, the spread was suggested through an online forum. I have only just started to try to understand tarot cards, so I am no expert, but it seems to me that they can be used to give a tangible and visual explanation for future occurrences (predictions). You are right, tarot cards are not intuitive, the tarot reader is.

  • Gypsydreams,

    Thank you, I am new to this 🙂 I will definitely use your time chart as a reference in the future.

  • You're welcome Sonne.

    I would advice you sit in a quiet room with your deck. Shuffle the cards with your left hand, keeping your question and the formula of your choice in mind. When ready cut the cards and see what happens.

    Tarot works best when you have a formula for each spread, card etc.

    All the best 🙂

  • SonneundMond,

    Reach Out To Yourself, Meditate.. Open Up To Yourself.

    No Cards, Sit Just Ponder Aimlessy, Your Mind Will Begin To Open

    Up To You When, You Shut Out The Outward Thoughts, & Remeber

    In Our Present Our Future NEVER makes sense it never makes sense

    until we are there and experiencing the feeling and momment of it.

    Blessings On Your Path.

  • gypsydreams

    very interesting what you said. I am learning tarot as for now and yes I have read that time frame can be assigned. is there any particular spread or type of card you can recommend for beginner?

  • Hey Leoscorpion 😄

    For best results keep it simple. 1 to 2 cards at most. No point doing a whole spread for timing as you don't want too much clutter just the time frame.

    This is the way I was taught.

    You ask your question, shuffle the cards, cut them Etc,, then you pick 2 cards.

    Card 1 = Time frame

    Card 2 = Tells you the surrounding energies around the time frame.

    Just say someone asks..

    "When will my lover contact me again" You shuffled the cards and picked 1 card The Hanged Man and Death ..This means there is a chance that he wont.. so then you can proceed to do a spread using the Hang man as the significant card and see why this is so. Celtic Cross would be a good thread for inquiring further.

    Another Eg.

    Say instead of the Hanged Man you pick Knight of swords and 2 of cups.

    This could mean that in 12 days or so , lover will be in contact and there might be a [possibility of a reconciliation. Of course you can also do a Celtic cross after the initial time frame spread.

    Another good spread is the calender spread, this is for more bigger questions .

    The calender spread is a good one too. 13 cards are used. 12 cards representing each month and the 13th goes in the middle representing the energies surrounding the 12 months ahead and the possible outcome.

    Cut the cards and lay them out.. then look at each card and see which one answers your question in regards to the subject you are asking about and in which month it falls under.If you are asking about love look for cup cards, if money or career look for coin cards and so on. It becomes very clear when you read all the cards together, kinda like a story.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  • gypsydreams

    thanks. I will print that out.

    what deck do you use? is there a specific one for beginner?

    very interesting. I know astrology can be exacting in prediction but I don't know Tarot can do it too

  • I have so many decks! I can't get enough of them LOL

    I use different decks form day to day, depends how I feel, but for the most part I use the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Deck and Rider - Waite.

    I would suggest to start with the Rider-Waite tarot deck it's great for beginners, definitely!


  • thanks for the suggestion !

    have a good week !

  • You're a welcome 🙂

    Have a good week also!

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