Learn Your Psychic Ablities.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I decided to creat a New Thread, from my last one which was a very similiar topic

    about how to Learn Your Psychic Ablities and Use Them..

    I've Learned Alot, & In Return I would like to transmit that knowledge to you All

    to Empower Yourself & Your Mind, This Will Definetely be a task.. This

    is not about going to people to help you find answers in your life, Us People

    have the Power to think for ourselves and to guide ourselves we've just been so pampered and

    given all the tools we needed our whole lives to succeed we forget to think for ourselves

    so on this thread I wanna touch basis with all the requirements it takes to

    Become A Psychic and To Tapp Into Different Levels Of Consciousness, & Ultimately

    Reach Your Higher Sevles & Ultimately how to reach the source yourself,

    because every Psychic, Intutive information Comes from a source..I wanna

    teach you how to Reach that Source for yourself ! This Will strengthen your Mind Power

    & Spirit.

    & Everyone Is Invited, To Share Thier Psychic Stories, Ablities, What They WOuld Like

    To Learn ect.


  • I wanna Begin With The reality Of the World Today..

    In Society Psychics are looked upon as a taboo, or Unnatural, False Ect.

    But In Today's Society Psychics Have changed so much there's so much information

    leaked, that people can easily rely on information from a book, internet, phones ect.

    on how to be a False Psychic. As I said Before I Dont Use Tarot Cards, I stop Reading Books

    I go to the SOURCE for information, Going to the source can be meditating, Walking,

    anything that will allow my mind to expand and to reach a higher sense of Reality.

    No Offense, But Alot Of Society's beliefs impact us greatly and those Beliefs Hinder

    Our minds, disallowing us to think for ourselves, think outside the situation.

    To Grow Bigger and Grow Mentally More Stronger, A Belief can controls one's way of living

    and us people do it every day, by trying to convert people to our way of living, our children, ect

    But A Belief is not a fact Nor Is A Prediction but thats Why I want to go over the importance

    of Time frames, because when you set a time frame and your goal, prediction ect. is manifested into that time frame, then you will know it is REAL! I am in No Way

    try to convert anyone, You Choose what you accept ! this is not a beliefs this is

    to help you grow..If Us Ladies come together we can acccompish more!

    And Also for alot of my ladies, look around...How many men can you count here on the site ?

    Dont worry i'll wait lol....Okay Know understand we are naturally intutive thats why our spirits and

    minds have led us here with more Intutive Women,Ladies and Girls ! Men tend to be more

    skeptical and even dont accept anything that isn't logical! Ladies understand we are Royalty

    and are the creators, stop being the victim, stop blaming yourselves for family, relationship,

    children and others problems, stop stressing yourself ! Become enlightend you are in ocntrol

    of what you choose to and not to accept !

  • addictd, awesome thread idea.

  • Thanks Rc Dreamer !!!

    How Are You ?, Its Been Awhile.. 😉

  • I'm good, always learning but loving the connections I've made with people here.

  • Learn To Let Go ..

    Letting Go is a big part of growing, and Improving..

    Alot of times we hold ON so tightly to things that are long gone,

    non-existant, & even false identities. We hold onto beliefs that

    prevent us from gaining knowledge and expanding our minds..

    for existance a friend of mine seen me on the site Tarot & without

    even considering any further knowledge that society has provoked into her

    mind she automatically related tarot with the devil and honestly as a friend

    that hurt me.. Now I wonder what does she think of me

    But I cant hold any ones believes with resentment or anger

    I just understand she's easily to be manipulated if she goes off what anyone else

    says and let that affect her belief or opionion without any further notice.

    Letting Go Empty's space for us to move forward, Accept Change, Refresh and Renew from

    our Old Baggage, Not letting go can lead to Stress.. A Stress Energy Will reflect ones life entierely, there are so many stress symtoms the common one is Loosing Weight,

    Change Of Diet, Hair Loss, but it get Deeper ! surroundings change, people around you begin to change, ect.. Have you ever noticed a Day you were so Joyful and Happy, you notice

    every person you come into contact then becomes Happy, Energy Is Contagious

    however you are feeling you can spread that energy.. when you are stressful Everything

    around becomes Stressful Its a Vibe that is reflected among us, Every Day and most times we

    dont notice it. alot of times we go through stages of sadness and dont even understand..

    you cant understand because you have not had access to your higher self and sub concious yet, its important to understand why you are feeling the way you are.

    Start Letting Go Whatever it Is.. I had A boyfriend and we were FaceBook Friends after the breakup and everytime I would visit his page or see his updated status talking about her,

    it was like a loss of energy each time, I become Down and Sad Just to see him and Her..

    I was letting go, of those memories that kept triggering my mind each time I saw his page,

    So I decided to delete him as A Friend, and To this day Its the best thing I chose to do !

    I dont even think about him anymore, dont worry, dont care ! because I hadnt let go and

    each time my mind had seen him It was a episode each time. When in Reality I didnt like

    him any ways lol.. but I had to come clean with myself that he is NO LONGER a Factor,

    And when you do this you GAIN POWER, over your EMOTIONS and Your ACTIONS,

    I felt I gained power by removing him psychologically out of my life in every way !

    and half the time I hear alot of women say he blocked me email, myspace, facebook ect..

    Duh lol ! Its how you GAIN POWER!!!


  • Rc Dremaer,

    Thats Good To Hear Your Doing Good, Hows Your Family Coming Along ?

    Daughter ect.. ? Im doing good as well, learning.. everyday offers a learning experience,

    Things are good, so far. 😉 Ehhh ! Its Holiday season again though, lol [FALL] my favorite time

    of year.

  • Wow I guess a lot has changed since we touched base. Still out of work but hoping for a break soon. Daughter drama with the babydaddy is a thing of the past, well most of the time anyway. She has a new man in her life and things are going well with them, they are talking marriage, no formal engagement yet but implied. I'm not in any rush for the holidays as the funds for giving are not there but we'll make the best of things one way or another. Making good progress on my healing process internally. Hope you & yours are doing well too.

  • What a great thread - it's so true that in letting go of attachments, we can finally see the Oneness of it all - and easily tap into it. This doesn't mean you don't have memories, regard, respect, or reverence for things that have past; but rather letting go of doubt, worry, loss, and anxiety. Even when it seems all is lost (as in the death of a loved one), we can be soothed by the knowledge that we are all (everything) part of a flowing river (time, space, matter). Each energy source (individual, animal, plant, object), is a drop in the river. Sometimes we become closer to other drops, sometimes further away; but we always remain a part of the same river. The same Universe, the same Oneness. Our form doesn't matter.

    Sometimes, life and/or our moods can shake this reality loose from our grasp. Regular meditation, walks outdoors, stargazing, or simply people-watching can remind us. Whatever brings you back to the river - do it every day.

  • Rc Dreamer,

    You will be fine, I have faith in You.. Things are getting Better, Things will work out

    they always do for Us Rc. Thats Good To Hear Im Happy your loved ones are doing well

    Congrads for her, Beautiful gift..What Seems to be the worst situation turns toBe The Best..

    I always think the worst the pain, the longer the wait..The Better The Rewards, The More The Rewards, Patience always Pays. ;=) Great ! Its good your Healing..

  • Wild Places,

    Thanks For Sharing your thoughts! So True !! "letting go of attachments, we can finally see the Oneness of it all - and easily tap into it. This doesn't mean you don't have memories, regard, respect, or reverence for things that have past; but rather letting go of doubt, worry, loss, and anxiety. "

    Its hard for Us to Let Go, & We All hold on to different things its natural you know?

    Sometimes a fear of what may happen if we let go...

    So Happy You Visited The Thread, Hugs & Blessings To You.

  • HI there, just checking in and saying a big HI to you, hmmm letting go, I started clearing out some stuff yesterday and putting my husband's papers in to boxes to be stores out of this house and away from us so it cannot touch us, but he has to let go. I also had the angel message that you must give if you wish to receive so I am giving away all the material stuff I don't want like books, clothes etc instead of throwing them out (never throw out books) or trying to sell them.Giving and receiving is a circle isn't it.

  • Paddifluff,

    Hey ! Thanks !! For Stopping by & Sharing...

    So True.. Even myself, I had a confession lastnight with myself lol,

    Alot of my matereials I dont even wear/use and someone would be glad to have them

    its like you just confirmed my inner thought, lol it is good to give to recieve..

    Its a positive circle, in so many ways .

    Hugs and Blessings To You.

  • Giving is definitely a form of receiving - just as all teachers learn from their students. Speaking of which, I am offering Tarot readings to those who want them. They are thorough, accurate, and professional - and since your question gives me the ability to hone my skills of divination - these readings are my gift to those who want them. Please send me a message and let me know if you'd like one, regarding any issue you would like answers and reflection from the Universe on.


    Wild Places

  • WildPlaces that great to see you giving back as a form of mentoring and helping !

    we need that .. Its essential to learn from people on wiser levels to be able to

    them reach that level of wisdom.

    Feel Free to recieve A reading From WildPlaces . 😉

    I definetely like to recieve one as well, Lol.. I just have to think what I'd like to

    be reflected on..


  • I have a question Wildplaces will my abilities improve in that I understand better?

  • Hi Jtini:

    I will perform your reading asap...this usually means within 3-4 days (sorry, I'm not nearly as efficient as a lot of the talented readers here - I need time and space to connect; that usually means evenings when my daughter is asleep).


    Wild Places

    PS - Is there no way to send messages to each other as you can on other forums?

  • No worries I have a lot of patiences, I was looking to do that but it seems there is no way, I can send you and old email of mine if you perfer?

  • It's no problem Jtini, I'll just do the reading and post a topic for you in Tarot forum when it's ready. It will simply be titled with your username.


    Wild Places

  • Wildplaces - I would like a reading, please. What information do you need to know? Thanks!

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