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  • Hello Captain-

    I saw that you just did a reading for someone else, and I was wondering if you could provide some insight my way. I wouldn't say I'm involved with someone but theres a mutual spark, and I'm having trouble on deciding where to go... we're astrologically compatible, but I was just curious if you might have any thoughts/feelings regarding the matter. I know theres potential but part of me has the feeling that I might just be telling myself that, and I don't want to waste my time or invest myself foolishly.

    Her birthdate: 11/11/81

  • This relationship can be mysterious and quite hard to fathom. You should have an easy and pleasurable relationship for the most. There is a deep magnetic pull between you and, once a relationship is formed, it may be hard to modify or break. Bonds of loyalty can be created here bit also bonds of dependency. You two will often mirror and act out each other's feelings without being aware of doing so. Egos can dissolve here - boundaries can blur and individuality can fade. A love affair will be passionate and binding. Without realising it, you two often stake a claim on each other, and with that claim take on a huge responsibility. The mysteries of love, sex and relationships in general unfold here like an enchanted panorama that will have you both under its spell. Even if you try for an analytic objectivity that would explain what is going on, you may pull back from solving the mystery, instead falling into forgetfulness and abandon. Marriage may bring more objectivity, but getting lost together will remain a constant activity.

    Friendship can be similarly magnetic but often replaces the total involvement of love and marriage with a healthier empathy. As friends or co-workers, you two can maintain a certain objectivity and individuality, while still being closely attuned to each other's feelings. There is more awareness in friendship and the relationship's mystery is better understood and to an extent more consciously explored. Years will be required for this to take place but the wonder never completely fades, nor is the enigmatic nature of the relationship ever fully exhausted. To the end, long periods of quite ordinary daily interaction are dotted with magical moments, unforgettable in their charm and illumination.

    Love asks few questions and gives even fewer answers. Understanding isn't always possible. Surrender is sometimes required.

  • Thank you very much a very thorough response!

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