Aquarius man in Love.. advice please

  • How do Aquarius men play the dating game? Is it common for them to be elusive? Do they come back after withdrawing and being quieter? We have been dating for a while, slowly i always brushed him off but eventaully decided to meet up with him i thought why not (he went to my school) we met up had a few great dates then he said " if we keep meeting up and getting on, maybe should think about us" (this was in a text) I said yeah lets see how things go, and things have been going well, we see each other only about once a week, but i give him his space and he seems to go and drift away and come back. Maybe he is using me? why give me the hope of a relationship if he is not going to be consistent? I am a Pisces female, we both have Capricorn moon. I am being very patient but i don't know if i should continue this, he is sending me mixed messages, almost as if he says all these things, he talks about future things he wants to do with me. social things but will they materialize, sometimes they don't.

    I would appreciate any experience or advice please, he also texts me asking how i am calling me baby and boo and things and then not replying when i reply. so i am confused. sorry to drivel on but I really care about him and want the relationship to grow...... Maybe i need someone to point out something obvious about this that I can;t see? I don't know. but I never bug him, I Wait, and I like him enjoy my own company we both want the same thing I just want to know if his actions are normal or a sign i should quit hunkering for the bfgf chat.....!.......?

  • please* 🙂

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