Another cancer male problem but it's different from others.Could you help me?

  • I am in a relationship with a cancer male for a year.Everything was ok but something bothers me.I met his sister,she is very sweet and we became a good friend.I am leo and she is also leo.When i first learned her sign i didn't care but after sometime i realised that she is like me!She is strong,caring,dominant,cheerful like all leo women.,and i am the same.I know cancer men want a woman who's like his mommy.Is it possible he loves me because i am like his sister?I am 26,he is 26 and his sister is 24.Am i just crazy?I need your help.

  • yeah it is, but what's wrong with that? Its normal, and fine! You should be happy his sister isn't an evil biatch 😛 You get along with his family that's great, you should enjoy your relationship and not worry about the fact your boyfriend is a good judge of character, its a good sign 🙂

  • and he doesnt love you because you are like his sister. He loves you for you! because thats who you are, and if your personality is similar to his sisters then that's fine he seems like a nice normal guy!

  • thank you,

    i know it's not a big problem but sometimes i feel strange.Oh I love him so much, you say that's ok and i try to not care about that anymore

  • Cancer men love their family too much.His sister and mother must be the most important thing in his life.He probably chose you because you are familiar with his valuable things.My advice,try to meet his mother as fast as you can.I think you'll see that you are also similar to her.

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