Could someone (Captain or Leoscorpion?...) do an astrology compatibility report?

  • I was hoping someone wouldn't mind doing an astrological compatibility report for me? It would be greatly appreciated, as I am exploring the potential for a new relationship.

    My dob is August/2/1970. I was born in Boston MA, at 6:42 AM.

    My friends dob is 10/29/1973. He was born in Biddeford, Maine between 6:30 and 7:30 AM. I tried to get a more specific time of birth for him but that was the closest I could get.

    If there is anything else you might need for information, I'll be happy to try and provide it.

    Thank you very much, and many blessings for your help!


  • This is an 'all or not at all' relationship. It tends to be easiest for friendship rather than a more intimate relationship. You two share a belief in being honest no matter what. At the same time, you both can see the truth as relative, rather than an absolute written in stone. Things aren't that easy between you since both of you can be demanding and controlling. However, for the most part, you both agree that honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour and sticking to the facts as much as possible are of paramount importance.

    There will be conflicts in any type of a relationship between you. Given that you two are so stubborn, friction is indeed a certainty. But friction can also mean passion and there is a strong physical connection - lust - here. Sexuality is usually important in this relationship. In a love affair, honesty will continue to play its part, being combined with passionate and erotic intensity. Marriage may be no less passionate than a love affair but is certainly more demanding in terms of responsibilities. The honesty here can lead to many disagreements and emotional upsets, although you two have a great deal of respect for each other and can count on the other person in times of trouble. And, as much as you will hate to admit it, you both will be forced to take personal or mitgating factors into account and to allow for lapses in truthfulness, even in yourselves. Your pride Sacogirl and your friend's perfectionism may have to be sacrificed at times to hammer out compromises, but once an issue has been settled or agreed on, you both will tend to keep your word faithfully.

    This is not an easy relationship by any means - you will both have to learn to forgive and forget, something you may both find very difficult to do. Empathy, not rigidity, must rule the day. Inflexibiity on either partner's part will lead to conflicted, revengeful, and possessive attitudes.

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