Shaubby, May I get a reading?

  • Hello Shaubby,

    I am a woman in my early 50s and there has been a lot of sadness in my life in the recent past.

    Can you please do a reading for me and tell me what you see for the next year? It sounds silly to say, but I wonder if I will ever feel genuine joy again. Thank you for your time and your insights.

  • Hello Weezie12298,

    I feel your saddness and am here to say that this will past soon. The new year wil bring with it a lot of change for you and a woman that you meet with the letter R in her name will be the leader of the pack so to speak in helping you to create JOY back in your life. We have to expereince saddness so that we appreiate the joy so much more when we are blessed with it in ways brought from above in which you will certainly know through the receipt of many blessings being brought to you in forms of money and a new residence , feels small but ooh so pretty with a nice private view. If your health has been bad and I feel depression with you, this new year will bring to you healing through a new techinque or natural healing modes that you will be lead to.

    I do feel love around you in a partnewship way also, you will no longer feel so needy and will stand up more for what you want and deserve in your love life. Put those dancing shoes on and get out there and waltz into the arms of a man that feels like he lived in Ohio or does live there. He is charming and feels like an Aries or Sag to me. Great company and start for you to begin again in matters of the heart. By years end you will look back and not know yourself , as to how much you and things around you have changed and how well you handled it all.

    Happy New Year rings so True For You

  • Shaubby, Thank you so much for the lovely reading. I appreciate your insight and kind words. You're a blessing to all of us!

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