I broke up with my Cancer:(

  • I recently Found out that I have Bipolar, its hereditary in Family. I have been taking some meds, however the doctors have not found the right combination for me? My cancer Man (7/20) is an awesome guy, However I feel like when he goes in and out in and out of his shell. and it seems sometimes, he too has ups and downs. He not only drives me crazy, but he also triggers my Manic stage? Because as a pisces if he is having a bad day, I wilI too, If he is having a good day i will too, all the feeling and emotion I tend to gravitate. him being a Cancer does not help me one bit. had to break it off because I need a person who demeanors is always the same. I know its the right thing for me too do, but my heart hurts and he did'nt even fight to keep me are even try to figure out what he could have done to make things for the both of us better. So basically would some Cancers out there please tell me. why do you acts as though your not bother by anything, why do you always hold everything in and don't express how you really feel? people cannot read your minds? and sometimes with this kind of behavior you really and truly will miss out on a good thing?

  • Regardless of someone's star sign someone who is in your condition should try to find someone who is more emotionally stable and maybe a little older than yourself. Don't get stuck on "star signs" it really is not productive, it does have it's accuracy but it depends on much more than someone's sun sign.. childhood, what kind of relationship their parents had, Do they take drugs, are they healthy, are they positive, negative, so much more goes into it. etc.

  • yes Gypsy, " Emotionally Stable" is the right term I was looking for, although I'm 33 and he is 43 ..10 year older then me I have to continue to explain myself, its seems that something as a man he should already know, he does complain alot, and I have to uplift him and be inspirational, however when its my turn and I need inspiration he is flat..we do have good chemistry and we have good times. but I guess its not really worth the time..

  • If you feel deep down that it's not worth your time, it most probably isn't. Our instincts are never wrong specially in relationships. It will be wise to follow your gut on this one. When I was reading for you I felt he was at least in his mid 20's not older than that. LOL .

  • lol.. no he is 10 year older, he acts like his mid-twentys and sometimes I feel like I know more then he do, sometimes I think he plays dumb, because I know he is smarter then I think, But Gee Weez.... I guess it is what it is..

  • cancerians have a hard outer shell; sensitive on the inside, hard on the outside! My sister is a cancerian they don't seem to be emotionally phased or if they are, they keep it all locked in inside.

    The Pisces fish however, has no shell really just a sensitive skin, easily hurt, i am yet to find who my ideal partner would be but someone solid and emotional at the same time.

  • I have cancerian friends but i find is hard to be with one romantically because of this hard shell they have.! Good luck btw 🙂

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