Shuabby, could you do a reading for me please?

  • hello Mardepp,

    With the past put firmly I hope behind you, you certainly have a wonderful new year to look forward to. You will want to be out and about and talking and communicating with as many people as you can. Would you be networking for a new business you are starting or thinking about doing something on your own? This is the year to do it. You will have plenty of prosperity to share. I hear music around you and are you connected to music either play or sing as it comes in strong here?

    Love wise I sense that you feel a bit stand offish with good reason. I do feel a man that has a good heart and will be sent to you from your angels to complete your healing and help you to rebalance your emotions . This may be a doctor (counsler) that you talk with but yet I feel a man that will also fall in love with you and they are telling me when the birds sing you will be very happy with a man that has a J in his name.

    Best Of Love To You My Dear

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