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  • Hey!!! So what time is it over there ? It's 12:47 am here and I couldn't sleep so I logged on. 🙂

    Not feeling the best... But it will pass... Just have to be patient. By the way the post above was about your dream.. sorry I do go on a lot once I start.. ha,ha,ha.

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  • Wow.. what a time difference! We are already on Sunday and you are starting out Saturday morning?

  • What are your plans for today? It's been raining here all weekend! And freezing also! Which is weird for this time of year.. but there you go. The weather is going bananas all over the world I reckon.

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  • YES!!! You worry too much... stop it!!!! ha,ha,ha... Ah I can't talk.. I worry too much sometimes too.. specially when I want something, I am very impatient and when I want something I want it tomorrow .. I wonder if that is a Leo trait LOL.. Fruit and veg smoothies are good for a vitamin boost. The veg/fruit one is a little eeek, you have to skull it but wow does it ever work!!!

    2 red apple

    2 tomato

    1 orange

    1 cucumber

    2 carrot

    2 Celery

    one or two glasses of water and bled away!

    There you go..that is my energy booster.

  • I am certain you will get pregnant in the next month or so, stop stressing and don't think about it too much. 🙂

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  • Yeah I am a Leo... but I am not a typical Leo I don't think.. I am more reserved and shy and I go in my shell a lot.... maybe because I have my moon in cancer. My name is rachel btw 🙂

    Well add me on your yahoo list. .. msn and yahoo have joined now.

    I have to go now because my fever is making me dizzy.. plus it's 2 am, I can't even see straight. I feel drunk and I haven't even had any alcohol LOL ... omg..

    Have an awesome Saturday with your kiddies and hubby!

    Take care Jenna and chat to you soon. 🙂

    Blessings xoxoxox

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  • hmmmm I don't think he has been hiding how he feels, because he doesn't "feel" anything for this woman, so I am confused as to how came to the conclusion that he has been hiding how he feels? I imagine he didn't want to talk to her as to not make you feel uneasy and feel the way you are feeling now?

    You shouldn't feel insecure about him having a relationship with his baby either,his attachment with his baby has nothing to do with his feelings towards the mother and as the bond grows you need to understand that it's a bond between father and son and that is all. You need to separate the baby from the mother in your thinking.

    This is why I suggested you both go to a marriage councilor since you want to stand by him, because you both need to sort all these murky feelings out if you want all this to work out otherwise things will go from bad to worse. You need to tell him exactly how you feel and what your insecurities are and see what he says to you. It all needs to come out Jenna and you need to find out if you will be able to handle all this, otherwise it will manifest into fits of anger,fear, jealousy and insecurity. It will be sad if your hubby doesn't participate in his child's life because he feels it will upset you.. that wont be fair on the child on the other hand this whole situation is not fair on you and it is taking an emotional toll on you.

    You keep saying you don't want your life to change. The fact is your life changed the minute your husband got this woman pregnant.

    once the baby is born and IF your husband takes responsibility for his baby, your life will change again. You need to ask yourself can you handle it? Can you handle your husband being a father to this baby without you getting insecure and scared of losing him to the babies mother in in the process, even if he reassures you that he feels nothing for her?

    I hope you take my advice and seek marriage counseling.

    Blessings and I hope you feel better soon xoxox

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  • LOL.... I am not mad at you silly! I just what you to take care of YOU. Chat to you soon xoxox 🙂

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  • I see him coming back soon definitely. Will it be for Xmas ... hmmm I think so. The cards indicate he will but with Tarot cards timing can be tricky. Just know he will be back soon! 🙂

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