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  • Hey how ya doing? I have been ok the last two days so far persue so last night some things went down and my husband got into a fight with this cousin and he stole our dog and we cant drop the charges as the states attorney will take it over for domestic violence, My husband got his nose broke and now has to have surgery. Great huh? So I went out to my work on thursday it went quite well I passed my wierd ua they make you suck on this thing looks like a thermometer lol instead of peeing in a cup weirdest technology we have now days. I am waiting on my backround and credit check to approve me for this job to hopefully start sometime this coming week. I felt very comfortable and it was nice I like small companies they arent a small company persue they are a part of a large company but we have a small office. I am so excited to work for them I cant wait..... I was wondering if you could look into the future a ways and see if I am going to succeed with them or not. So I wanted to tell you the women who is having my husbands baby I emailed her the other day telling her everything would be ok and asked if there was anything she needed for the baby but she steered me away.... I am trying as I beleive later on down the road things will work out I have no reason to stress:) so how did your weekend go hopefully alot better then mine?:) I have tons of homework to do still but I love having school and enjoy being a student again. In the end it will be well worth all the homework when I got that degree. Ok well im going to stop talking now just thought I would stop by and say hi and see how your doing. Peace love and light:)!! Jen

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  • I am from Australia 🙂 hehehehe ...

    Glad you are getting your doggy back! I adore dogs!

    From what I gather from my reading ,your cousin will be in solitude for a short while... I think he might have to take some compulsory counselling of some sorts also.

    He needs to reflect on his actions and path, he is a very troubled soul. whatever the outcome of this situation know that it needs to happen for his own good. Don't feel bad.

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  • Tarot cards and witchcraft runs in my family. We have quite a few witches in my family.

    I started to learn the Tarot seriously when I was about 18 I think. I am now 34 cringe LOL..

    I stopped reading cards completely for a long time and started again recently, I feel better this time around , I feel more connected , more at ease and more open and confident to the vibrations I receive.

    Single, no kids, I don't feel I was born to have any in this life but who knows right? I am a bit of an oddball... I have one cat and 4 dogs.. Yes I love animals and If it was up to me I would have a zoo! LOL

    I love to cook, draw and take photographs!! they are my passions but reading for people is my biggest passion of all. I love to help people and try to be there for them and I can do that by reading for them and try to give them some guidance, and it can be very rewarding.


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  • You are not bothering me at all Jen 🙂 I feel the connection also.. lol. And thank you so much for the sweet and encouraging words. I am glad I am some kind of help I really am.

    You should really try to tap into your intuition. Maybe mediation to start off with. Do you own a Tarot deck at all? Or any other psychic tool? I feel you have it, you just need to steer it the right way.

    I only started reading when I felt I could be of help. This happened when I started looking at the cards in a spiritual way not as fortune telling.

    My mother is a healer and also reads cards, coffee/tea, Runes, she does it all.. My grandmother, great grandmother and great great grand mother were raised in the voodoo culture. . I am not a native Australian we moved to Australia from South America when I was 11 years old. So my back ground is South American. Naturally growing up around all this I wanted to try it also since it was a huge influence in my life...so some of her clients became my guinea pigs and I practiced on them .... was interesting to say the least.

    I stopped doing it for a long time, learnt more about spirituality, healing, synchronism, numerology, Astrology.. you name it! LOL by the way I am still learning and I feel like I have so much to learn! it's never ending!

    About my accuracy, I've never had a complaint yet * knocks on wood* but all jokes aside, it's so much more than accuracy, it's about bonding and connecting with the client and trying to find a way to help them reach a certain goal. So I work with the information I gain from my intuition to in turn help them achieve knowledge on their question and provide some guidance and hope for the best.


  • gypsydreams, sorry to bug you here...

    would you give me some insight? can I post my request here? if it's ok with Jenna or do you want me to start another thread?...

    sorry again... cheers 🙂

  • A new thread would be better HappyDoc 🙂

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  • I hope you pass!!! I failed my driving test 3 times!!!!!.... and even to this day I can't say I am a fan of driving. I rather catch the train or bus. LOL

    Hppe you're having a great day! or night? I am not sure of the time difference LOL... It's 7:30 Am here!

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  • Big time difference huh! LOL

    What are you studying?

    I am hopeless with computers... sighs

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  • Hey.. sorry I missed you, am in and out , I am a busy bee today lol

    Ok so for your course, you will need to talk to the head person/teacher of the course, They might give you some leniency in regards to the financial aid? Why do you feel trapped and bound to this course you don't like it?

    As for the driving test... hmmm I keep getting no ... hope I am wrong though. Goodluck! 🙂

    I do intuitive Psychic work also but usually face to face or I need the photo of the person or if it's for a secondary person a piece of their clothing or by touching the hand of the enquirer.

    I am not advanced as to do a Psychic reading via computer screen with just a screen name and some info.. not yet anyway.

    For online readings I prefer to use my cards, as I can't see the person, I go by their birthday, the info they give me and my intuition.

    I can definitely do past readings. 🙂

    Sweet dreams. xoxo

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  • hey! 😄

    Half an hour to the witching hour here..

    I thought I would log in for a bit before bed! feeling restless today.. don't know why...

    I hope I am wrong about your test!!!! fingers crossed . to be honest to day I wasn't feeling all that great. I feel a little lethargic and achy, I hope I am not getting the flu!..

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