• my fight against lukemia and rhuemotiod arthritis, a six year battle

  • you answer me the first time i posted when on a fathers day i made a post dedicated to the fathers of the universe. i wil start with my father bieng that he was a great influence in my life, since i was a only child, he made me believe at a rather young age, that i was prettier than marilyn monroe, smarter than madam curie, and when mohammad ali, was the boxing champion , he would tell me you are stronger than muhammad ali, a better fighter, you are my champion, while growing up if i got sick he would never allow me to stay in bed, to him the bed was a killer, if i stood him froom school, i had to go to the couch with my books, and study, i could never get a b, the word cant do it was not allowed in my house. to my father that was a dirty word, dirter than fowl language,

    my battle began in febuary 1985, i was 37 years old,, that night i went to sleep feeling fine, no symptons of anything, about two or three in the morning i woke up, i couldnot stop, thinking it was just a stomach virus, i made myself some oatmeal with water and lemon, this to us, is suppose to cut the virus, wrong, it started getting worst, on the third day i went to the hosiptal they ran tests, it was not my gallbalder, it was not my intestines,the tests continue, i started drinking herbs, with herbs, the problem i had that was causing me this ill effect started to dissappear, but i was continually losing weight, bieng that the father of my children was a herion addict, i thought it was possible it was aids, i had myself tested it came back negative, but at that point i had been divorce thirteen years, from a size 10, i drop to a size one, i would look in the mirror, and look at myself, my thoughts were oh god, i cant die,my youngest son is only thirteen, i got to live, i got to live, in 1986, i started having hemmorages, the water i n the comode would look like someone had thrown a gallon of red paint inside, back to hosiptals back to tests, back to xrays, my gyn doctor found me a fibroid, cysts on my ovaries,now to surgery, the first time he did not want to remove my uterus, only to have it remove six months later, my ovaries were never removed but were cleaned out for three years straight, the last times they wanted to reopen me they couldnt at that point my platets were dropping, in the apartment below my mothers we had a friend, she practice natural medicine from a-z, my mom knew about plants but her knowledge was not complete, this lady started training me, i wanted to live, i started following her advice from a-z, in 1990, my ovaries were suppose to be removed, my doctor was treating me with vitamen k and steroid injections to bring up my platets, as son as i would be in or, they would test me only to find out that my plalets had drop to a count of ten thousand, which is extermely low, with that count you get a internal hemmorage and just die,

    but to this day i believe god had a purpose for me, three times i was admitted to the hosiptal three times, i was sent back home, at this point my doctor was more confused than i was, but every time i looked in the mirror and saw myslef disappearing i kept repeating looking at the mirror, i want to live, i want to get better, god help me, be with me, i am not scared but i need you to help me pull through, on my following visit to my internest, he told me i am sending you to a hemotogolist for a bone marrow and a ana test, the ana test i believe you know what it is,it is to those who may be reading anti nuclear antibodies, in this test is where the find all the auto immune diseases, my doctor gave me a appointment for a week later, mind you i have not mention at this point, that all my bones were hurting to the point where i wanted to go to the highest mountain pull my hair and scream my lungs off, even my gums hurted,

    i was anxious to get to my oppointment, my second husband got ready and i got ready, we got to my doctors office, when i was called in my doctor, look at me and in a sad voice, told me,

    i am going to send you to chemotherapy, even with the chemotherapy i can not give you no more than six months of life, the rhuemotoid which affects the organs and the lukemia are eating you ,

    my doctor told me go home go to bed rest, my doctor told me a dirty word go to bed bieng sick,

    i look at my doctor, and repeated go home got to bed and rest never, i am going home taking a bath and i am going to go out dancing and have a few drinks with my husband if i am going to die, i am going to die happy, then i look at him again and told him remember i said if, empathizing the iffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    in a little while i am going to continue, have to feed my baby, he just came in

  • Ramonita,

    I'm happy to see that you are sharing your story and giving us all a chance to know you more intimately. I look forward to reading the rest of your life with illness, you left me with a cliffhanger, lol.

    Yes, I know what an ANA blood test is. I might go to bed early tonight so I will read the rest in the morning, if you've written more, otherwise, enjoy your time with your family.

    Peace, Love and Light,


  • notshy,

    at this point, i started going out every weekend with my husband, my husband did not have a big salary and i understood, that financially it was a sacrifice on him, sometimes we just used to go out to a park and hold hands like two like teenager, meanwhile i was buying me books on natural health, some time four or five a month, but the most value treasure book i had i lost it, and unfortunately, i have never been able to recover it, the name of the book was lets eat well to get well, old information but whats natural is never outdated, i used to read for hours at a time,

    my friend, my nieghbor , my earthy sister was instructing me,

    she started me with fasting, it was the hardest thing in the world for me to implement into my life style, the way i eat, i can honest telly you i eat like a baby hipo, it was so hard, everything i desire food, i would say out loud, fight, that word, was so repeated by me, that it came to a point, when i did not have to even think it that it would pop out of my mouth, in the begining i was getting to a point where my cbc count was six, my internest, on my visit, gave me the referral to go and get chemo, i told roundly, i am not getting chemo, i do not want chemo,

    your going to die, i answer if i am going to die, i am going to be like frank sinatra, i am going to do it my way,. with my cbc count bieng so low, there where many days, i did not want to get out of bed, i would look at my bed, feel my bed, think bed is death, taking to the bed is death, my father had brought me the condo where we where living and his was right in front of mine, sometimes i would walk slowly to the front of my apartment and look at his from my balcony, which was on a second floor, looking at his condo, i would start saying fight, fight, and walk to the kitchen and start my day, my internest, all the research i had done on chemo, and that chemo did not supply suffienct hope for me to go on and i was going one hundred percent into what was natural medicine, his answer was o.k.. have it your way, there nothing i can do to change your mind, but my firm belief , that quack medicine, it is quack medicine, let it me, so every two weeks i had me go to his office, after one month in a half my blood count was up to nine, my internest told me that day, it seems like faith moves mountains, no doctor faith is going to move the world, my world, my kids world, i was practicing hydrotherapy, sunbathing, bieng that i was living in puerto rico at that itime, i believe i was blessed there the sun always shines, i used to take my sun baths early between eight and ten in the morning every day, with this one has to use thier judgment not everyone can take the sun for the same amount of hours i can handle four hours straight with out peeling wheras my sons after one hour turn red and start peeling, but to me the sunlight is radiation from god, since i had done so much research and learn that when you are sick, you have malaborsption, i would take my vitamens first crush them, to make a powder out of them and then put them with the juices i was going to drink during the day, i was going to be fasting, when i was not fasting, i would still crush and liquidify them to make sure that my system would absorb them, whenever i went i took water with me i made sure i had plenty of water, i would get up in the middle of the night and drink water, everything that is written in healings way with natures wonders i imlanted into my system, in to my way of life,

    by the three month my cbc was twelve that for a woman is normal, when i had my oppointment with my internest he still insisted that faith moves mountains, in all his years of study he could not understand how i was getting better and on my way to recovery at this point i was back to a size seven, it was no longer hard for me to get out of bed, there where so many things i learn and look out for i check labels, for food coloring, additives , preservatives, no frieds foods, which i love, no candy, no white rice, no white bread, little red meat, which i also love, no pork which bieng puerto rican i adore my pork, but if it was going to kill me it was not my friend, it was a enemy and i declared war on it, again fight, living in puerto rico pork is made every where,

    passing the roads on the highways, they make it on two large, wooden sticks with fire under it, what a temptation, the smell was so enticing so invitating, it keept calling me and i kept calling it my enemy, most people go into natural medicine and do not do thier research, for natural to work, your digestive system most be in working order for all those nutrients to go into your system and work, by the end of the year, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health,

    but i still have things to tell you, i stopped taking care of myself for taking care of others, in

    2005 , my rhuemotid flare up again,

    i will continue later on the day, my kids are starting to get up again,

    by the way congralulations on your two new cats, i know you are going to make each other extremely happy,

  • Ramonita, Wow, I am having a hard time trying to change my eating habits. I need to lose weight and also eat healthier and it is SO difficult. I will wait patiently until you have the time to finish your life story.

    Much love,


  • in between my recovery and my relapse, before my husband and myslef moved back to the states, one day my internest call for me to go to see him, for a few visits he had not been in the office, as a patient, i was only told he was out sick, i went to see him in the office only to find a man who was slowly detoriating, he had develope colon cancer, and was getting chemo, he was at his desk with a large notebook and pens, he shook my hand, and ask me to sit, he explain to me what was happening with him, he was now refusing another chemo treatment, he felt the chemo treatments, were finish killing him, he wanted a list of quack medicine from a z, which i gave him and also advice him the books to buy. before i left puerto rico in 1992, he was on his way to recovery.

  • notshy

    before i continue writing my story after i do a few chores around the house,

    it is very hard to change eating habits, especially when we like the forbidden fruit as they say,

    those things are so enticing to us, we humans all have the tendency to like things that are harmful to use, for example the cigarette,

    you are patient, use your patience, look at those things as your enemies, they are your enemies because they cause you harm.

    eating healthy will bring you to stablize your wieght, one suggestion i am going to make to you is before you eat drink water, the water fills your stomach, and you eat less,

    do this experiment with your self, do you desire sweets?

    next time you desire sweets, eat yourself, some natural potatoe chips,

    and watch what is going to happen and there is a very logical explanation to this?

    when we desire sweets, actually what our bodies are telling us we want food, why does it then crave for sugar, because everything we eat turns into sugar in our bodies,

    in a few days i am going to do the research and send you the articules, the need is there.

    even when we are not diabetics, too much comspution of sugar is harmful to our bodies, it does not allow the body to heal, the effect is more severe in people who are diabitics

    your brain is the more powerful tool you got, it believes the message you send it,

    send it messages,

    i perfectly understand what you are telling me, i believe all of those go thru that,

    love and hugs,

    i will be back later on

  • Bella and Elaine

    Just wanted to let you know, that I'm here:) you both are such beautiful Gifts from God...

    Thank you Ramonita for opening up and sharing your courage,strength and wisdom...

    Now I will sit on my hands..



    peace,light,love,healing and laughter

  • notshy,

    i have not forgotten about you i will finish my story in short tonight,

    but first i want to let you know i did research on found the articule on fasting which i email it to healing ways so she can post it, this is one thing that can help you lose weight,

    i have your address on the emails that shiela sends me, if you give me permission i will send you a copy so you can read it, and later i will give it my very best shot of helping you find ways to lose the weight you desire and keep it off,

    with lots of love,

    praying for you always

  • Ramonita, yes, feel free to e-mail me anytime. I will go to Healingways thread to read more of what has been posted. You are so sweet for researching that information about fasting. My neighbor has been selling Herbalife and wants me to buy some product but I'm skeptical about that.

    Take your time about this thread, I know you are very busy.

    Peace, Love and Light,


  • notshy,

    i mail it out to you a while ago,

    the name is genesisalivira

    peace, love, blessings, and many wonderful things


  • WOW Momma Ramonita i never believed you would have been through so much, in your posts it was extremely heart breaking, and yet i am glad you are getting back on track, and fighting what you have.

    i felt the fear you had when i read your story, I do not know how you managed to post something like that, My heart was in my mouth, and my stoamch was churning, It was almost like i had fire in my belly. If you know what i mean, i was afraid and not only that you were afraid. More so because you wanted to Live, and i understand that fear. I am full of fear. So i know what fear is.

    I have lived through that and i am still living through it. I have so much fear, but i guess that is because i was not taught to not have fear, like yourself Ramonita, i did not know how to cope with it, and i still do not know how to cope with it, I am getting better though but it is taking me longer than everybody else. I am afraid of a lot of things, But i know i still want to live myself so i have to keep thinking, Positive thoughts to get through my fear. I have been through a lot when i was younger and i am still carrying some heavy stuff on my shoulders, but know that will be cleared and sorted soon.

    I have a lot to think about and a lot to get on with. People like yourself and Notshy are inspiritational to me, teaching me it is okay to be open sometimes. And knowing that I will be okay in the end.

    And so will everyone else, i just love your story, even though there is so much fear, and so much positive thinking too, saying i want to live, and yes i would say that i have done that also, and it was scary but i got it in the end. i beat it. But i still am very much fearful. I have a lot to work on.

    I Just love you people, make me smile when you are Open it amazes me.

    Love light and blessings Bee Xx

  • Angel bee,

    i never felt fear, my fathers famous words were also fight, he did not mean a phyiscal fight but to fight for whatever i wanted, you have read alot of what i have written in i am thankful for, when i get sick i do not take to the bed, i wont tell you it was easy they were days when i had to struggle to get out of the bed, this you can apply to your problem, you have to find the inner strenght to fight against your fears, only you can win that battle listen closely at a phrase that in a few minuites, i am going to write to notshy, and then applied it and live by it, your a sweet girl that deserves the very best, since my doctor diagnoise, when he told me i was going to die in six months, i told him i am going dancing and have a few drinks, he told them he give me less to live, i answers, if i am going to die, i am going to die happy, and i told him emfasting the word,


    thank god, i have live a long road, thank god the lukemia never came back, i get tested for cancer cell every six months, and this test will be run for the rest of my life,

    thank you angel bee,

    you know in your heart,

    that you are my child,

    word that has passed on in my family for two generations now,

    i want to pass it on to you,


    love and blessings,

  • notshy,

    in 2005, the pruemothoid reappear, and later it got complicated with lupus, i started doing my remedies, but i wasnot consistent, i had two bouts,in in which i was hosipitalized, in 2008, and one in 2009 or early part of 2010, this time, i will be consistent, when i am better, i wiill do certains thing three times a week, but i will never go back to not taking care of myself totally,

    angel bee, notshy, in puerto rico there is a expression help your self and god will help you, if you ask god for a job and you dont move outside your side to find it, it wil not be thrown in our laps. we trust in do with all our mights, but we have to show him we are his shoulder, i have my invisible sword in my hand, i give you each a invisible sword, now i ask each of you, will you join me in this fight!

    with all my love to both,

    blessings, light, love,


    Angel bee,

    thank you for joining us, you are very welcome here ,the only thing i can say to you is what i am sure you have read before, or heard before, face your fears, fight against, but never ever forgetting god, for with god all things are possible.

    shiela, thank you also for joining you are all my sisters, from the soul, angel bee, i think the universe sent you here today for a reason.

    bless you my child, bless you always

  • angel bee,

    i got to see my oldest grandson whom in two months will turn seventeen, when i was fighting for my life, my youngest son was younger than my grandson now, my youngest son has a son fifthteen, thank god almighty, what a blessing to still be alive,


  • Thanks momma Ramonita, i am happy you are living also, and feeling alive more so everyday, I am glad you fought and beat it also. Lots of stories here. i am sure. See you can be creative with your words and put them into story. Our whole life is a story book we dont know whats going to happen, it just does. And theres no reason until eventually we find that reason and one day we will. Life has many secretes we just have to get by day by day, and enjoy the moment we have, cause life can be taken from under our feets in a split secound.

    If we are not careful, i Will take that word with me and fight, If we are able to re-enacarnate i want to come back as a tiger, i have desided because they are fierce creatures, yet Sweet at the same time, they fight to live and are very strong, I do love those tigers.

    I know if we all work together we can all acomplish anything we want too, cant we espeacially with so many of us working together and fighting stuff together is like then we dont have to fight alone, we know that someone is thinking of us and we are together and we are loved and if we come as a group there is but no one left out, we are one,

    Love and blessings BeeXx

  • My darling Ramonita,

    I didn't know about the Lupus too (or maybe I forgot?) I find that the people who have been faced with serious illness are very deep thinkers. You amaze me with your fighting Spirit.

    I accept your sword and I will continue to fight like never before. God has kept you alive for a reason and you are using your time wisely, to help in the healing of others.

    God Bless you my friend,


  • notshy,

    i develope the lupus about two years ago, i continue to go to my doctors, most of my story is in the thankful forum, one thing i am very thankful to god that astomshises my doctor, i am not twisted or with bones, that are puffed out, the rhemotogist that takes care of me at treat me at broward general says he dont understand , i go mainly to always have my blood count, and ana test, the medicine he has precribed i just cant take, they make me sicker, i am very happy that you take the sword, and notshy let me know what your cardiologist says tommorrow, i believe he will let you go on the fasting but with the herbs, that the problem right there, certain herbs, you have to let him know which herb you are going to take.

    and our precious angel bee, has join us in our fight, even though her fight is different, but it is a fight!

    when we finally met, i will show you my diagnois, you are going to look at me and say, you sure dont look it, but i have to continue seeing the doctor while i am a live , those tests have to always be done even if i am doing everything from a-z, but this time i will be consistent, i wont ever slip againl

    tommorrow or wednesday i wil wait for you right here so you can tell me, i pray that your cardiologist finds you doing super great!

    notshy praying for you always,


    blessing,light, love, peace, abundance!

  • Ramonita your life is a testimony about strength, character and the WILL TO OVERCOME and live! I am amazed at your story, I always knew there was something special about you, the love of your family and of life itself shows in your words. Your Father is/was like my mother, he instilled the "never give up" attitude that helped you to overcome. If I sprained my foot when I was a kid, my mom woul say "Walk on that Foot." I guess we couldn't afford to be sick. Wow! Don't you see in retrospect that "He" was the right person at that time of your life to instill those values into you. They say we choose our life experinces here on Earth and that it is for Spiritual Growth on the Earth Plane. I have read books about the healing powers of the sun and even back in 1985 you had the courage to tell the doctor's No!

    Courage and strength like yours does not come every day, I'm not sure if I would have the backbone to endure what you have endured and keep smiling and spreading love everyday. Your will to Live was so powerful that you could not be denied. And what you said about the food, wow, what discipline. I too love Pork, my favorite foods and I know it's not good for me, I'm gonna try to live and be better. You should write a book to give hope and encouragement to others who are fighting there battles.. I honor you and the Spirit of Love that is inside of you and you inspire me to be a better person, mom, wife. Wow! I know I take Health for granted and should not, my body is telling me now to do better. My husband got a scare last week with diabetes and high blood pressure, I'm gonna try! A lot of people would lay in bed and cry and say woe is me, (me Probably). But the courage to get up and get on with your life is a beautiful thing. I'm saving your story to read to my husband. Thank you so much for sharing. In 2/1985 I had a son, we both had life changing events at the same time, Life/New Life and hope. I'm coming to meet you soon, I promise. I have to meet you now you will give me inspiration for living. Elaine you too!

    Bee- Your mind is where the Fear is, don't let fear win, replace it with love.

  • Hi ladies,


    Do your doctors think that the Lupus was brought on by the RA? I mean, because RA is an autoimmune disorder, could your body have also weakened to the point of developing Lupus also, which is also an autoimmune disorder? I'm just curious if this is possible. My sister was diagnosed with RA a few weeks ago, then they changed it to Sjogrens disease only to find out (after extensive blood tests) that it was a false positive. I'd like to think that it was all the prayers we are sending her way.

    I went to the Cardiologist this morning and went over my lab work from last week. My cholesterol is going down some, even my triglycerides, not quite down far enough but getting there, I even lost 5 pounds. As for the fasting, he said "NO WAY"!!! You see, i take 2 different kinds of diuretics and with all of my other medicine he said if my electrolytes got out of whack I could have another heart attack and I'm supposed to take food with my medicines. He just said to maintain healthy eating habit and as much exercise as I can tolerate.

    My oxygen level was only 91, I told him I've been very short of breath on exertion so he has ordered me to get a chest x-ray and I have to have my annual Nuclear Stress test on November 17th. That will let us know if my weak heart is pumping at a slower rate or not.

    I just got home, I had to stop by my mom's and give her a shower and spend some time with her. I came home and my house was rearranged by the 2 kittens I adopted,

    Poetic, I will pick up Ramonita and we can meet up one weekend when it is convenient for the two of you. Also, Ramonita, if you ever need a ride to Broward General, just give me a call in advance and I will take you and bring you home, okay? Tamarac isn't that far from Hallandale Beach.

    Gonna go for now,

    I hope you are having a pain free day, Love,


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