HELP ME DISIPHER MY B"DAY .turning 33 on 11.11.11

  • hello all,

    dont know alot about numerology, or astrology or anything relating realy, so was hoping to see if anyone could shed some light on my birthday coming. I have been told by a friend they call this a stargate..???, I dont no much but I am excited to find out more

    cheers trav.

  • riddles78,

    I have been told by a friend they call this a stargate..??? No.

    But you rule through love, compassion and wisdom. You have all the power and knowledge of love and know how to use it, thus it gives you the opportunity to have more control over your feelings and romantic impulses. This will bring more success in all your personal relationships.

    It may indicate having an enjoyable sexual relationship or in some cases, marriage. But anyway, it brings success in dealing with your own emotions, success with the public and in any of the artistic fields and romantic success in one form or another.

    trav, make a few efforts. And if you are not capable, then your birthday will put a few men after you! It will not be a stargate (silly friend), but it will be a mangate.

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