Desperate crossroads: I need a reading pls!

  • Me: 01/15/61

    Him: 10/24/58

    At a sad crossroads here... 😞 Everything did a complete 180 the beginning of April. Finding Scorpio a very interesting, deeply emotional, private sign. All was beautiful, strong, intense. Now complete silence...Is it in the stars?? Need help here please.


    BellaFarfalle ❤

  • BellaFarfalle,

    Seems you described the scorpio man well, what what is your concern with your relationship ?

  • This can be a torturous relationship with many difficulties. You two seem locked in a struggle to be honest with each other and to relate in a meaningful way. At certain points in your lives, your relationship can suffer a breakdown in communication that cannot be remedied, even if communication is what you both want. Time is generally required before channels can be opened again, but when and how this will happen is usually dictated by circumstances outside both your control. But even if you do communicate again, there is no guarantee of a happy, lasting relationship.

    A successful love affair is rare for this combination. Your friend generally doesn't like your brand of control, nor do you always appreciate your friend's sarcasm and biting wit. In a marriage, outright power struggles can emerge with each partner, sadly, trying to best the other. When children are involved, you two can behave in a most undignified way. It can also happen that your offspring will challenge you to act more maturely.

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