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  • Hello. I have been reading these forums for awhile and have decided to finally join. I am kindly asking for a reading. The past couple years have been trying to say the least, but I feel a turning point emotionally, psychically, etc. and would welcome some added insight. My dob is 3/7/1974. A very sincere thank you in advance.

  • You need to release a belief in your unworthiness, Bttrcup. Your life purpose is to choose a path and live it large and out loud, to live life on a grand scale. To do this, you must see the big picture and learn to think for the long term rather than wasting your energy flitting from one project, interest or person to another. You may feel a bit bewildered by your lifepath's challenges. You have a formidable intellect and great curiosity, so you can move from one obsession or consuming passion to the next, yet fail to connect with the sense of higher social purpose and the urge to expand required by your destiny. Your great sense of beauty and your psychic intuitiveness may well be your truest compass. You must learn to cultivate a bigger sense of self without slipping into fantasy. If you can allow yourself to expand your world of relationships and connections and avoid your natural tendency to withdraw into misanthropy and isolation, you will be rewarded with the kind of acceptance, recognition, and sense of personal worth that is your heart's desire. You mustn't be afraid of taking the risks that will lead you to a happier life. Don't sell yourself short - be ready to go for greatness when the opportunity arises. Pick one important direction - perferably a higher cause - and develop the singlemindedness and focus to push yourself towards your goal, not being distracted by short term amusements or other passions.

    You may have some issues to face about putting yourself emotionally into the hands of people who will periodically drop you off with someone else or drop you on your head entirely, to the point that improper relationships could leak into your career. If you have a fear of being professionally undermined, you need to work through it and get to a place where you feel safer and more secure. You may have issues with your family, wondering how in heck you landed in with those people. Was it just some huge cosmic mistake? One way or another you must come to terms with being raised by people who were ill-equipped to take proper care of a child. That nervous, restless, capricious anything-goes style of nurturing may still haunt you from time to time. But you are gifted with an enormous capacity to understand that life on Earth is just a crazy trip that demands a lot of acceptance and forgiveness on your part. If you were the type to show anger or seek revenge, you would have grounds to do so. But what's the point? All that was in the past and you're way past most of it, aren't you? Though you still may have trouble with communication when the subject of family comes up. Being cut off from them has its good and bad aspects. On the one hand, you would be free to pursue a wonderful fruitful career, but such independence from family can be a minus when the old feelings of abandonment, guilt, anger and isolation come back to haunt you, at times so severely that you may find it difficult to even leave the house. Even when you're on top of your game, you may still feel that shallow emptiness, like it could all collapse at any moment. The thing is, when you focus on what you're doing, your intelligence, the message you are trying to send to the world, will be seen and heard and acknowledged, whether your own family is deaf to you or not.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain! This was indeed very insightful and has truly resonated with me. I do tend to sell myself short and can get side tracked with what I know I need to be doing. But I am trying to push through it and move forward with what I know is a bigger and brighter future. Your words spoke volumes to me.

    The paragraph about my family was interesting. I believe I am blessed to have the family I have. Perfect? No, but whose family is? That said there are some issues you raised that I still have yet to come to terms with. My family has gone through a lot the past few years, losing my mom and grandmother within 6 months, consequently I have now have been thrown into being the matriarch of the family. And after many years living away from my family I now own a business with my dad and brother and see them daily. This, of course, has its ups and downs. I feel the two people I wish could hear me just can't seem to open themselves up. I do struggle with how to handle the new role I have within my family.

    Thank you for such an in depth reading. My sincerest gratitude to you for taking the time to write me back.

  • You're very welcome. 🙂

  • But where do you think the feelings of unworthiness came from?

  • The Captain......

    I am fairly new to this, and hate crashing in onto another thread, but I would really like a reading. I too am at a crossroads and have gone through a lot these last few years both physically, mentally and emotionally.

    I would appreciate any new insight. My DOB is 12/19/84.



  • The Captain, the word unworthiness is so strong that I first was very taken back by it. But upon further reflection I understand what you're telling me and I understand where it comes from. At the end of the day, however, I cannot place blame on anyone excpet myself. I have chosen for too long to believe that I have to be in the shadows and cannot stand out on my own....second best always seemed the role I chose. I know my path is greatness for a higher cause but I get trapped in fear all too frequently.

    Any insight for me in regards to my family business and working with my dad and brother?

    Thank you for your straight forwardness. It is much appreciated.

  • Sarapalacios, please start your own thread by clicking on the button "Create your own topic" at the top right of this page and I will answer you there, as I don't like to get the vibes of individuals mixed.

  • Btrrcup, if your business with your family is to succeed, you must not fall back into old traditional patterns or routines of behaviour. That is, you must go your own way when making decisions and not just agree with your father or brother because they are older or male or whatever. You must treat them as you would any co-workers and not let them tell you what to do or how to think. Be an adult with them, not the child you used to be.

  • Thank you, The Captain, for all your insight!

  • You're welcome! 🙂

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