Insight of the Aquarius Male

  • Friend is a Capricorn female who is very much attracted to an Aquarius male. But is getting mixed signals from him.

  • your friend is not the only one!

    I would love to know if the moon and shifting of planets astrologically are having a odd effect on aquarius men? or if they are always elusive, inconsistent and confusing?

  • Yes, the Aquarius are mostly search for the freedom and Uranus is their planet and this planet is elusive and inconsistent.... no trust for ant Aquarius.. which means do not expect anything enjoy the moment!

  • Thankyou IndependentGirl that is very reassuring!

    You have literally made me very happy with that statement! I hope Uranus gos somewhere else soon!

  • Even the Uranus is my planet (I have four planet in Aquarius!!!) but I also like when Uranus goes somewhere else as well.. as it is most difficult time for me when Uranus interfere with other planets....

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