Pet Reading Anyone?

  • We are going to some pet adoption events today. My son is bipolar and suffers from severe anxiety and I have researched a lot how dogs can be great therapy tools for this. Wondering if anyone sees what kind of dog we will get, or whether it will happen today?? Just curious to see if anyone can give me some clues as to who our new dog will be...

    I know, a little "out there," but thought it might be fun to see if anyone gets anything on it.

    Thanks! Love, peace and blessings!

  • Hello JenLyn123,

    I sense a Yellow Lab a female energy is coming in here. She will be around three years old. Of course the deceision is yours to make. I also feel a black dog mixed breed it seems with a gental nature , short hair and beautiful eyes,these dogs will have a wonderful psychic sense .

    Please let me know what dog you choose.

  • Thanks Shuabby! You are the best! We do have someone bringing over a chocolate lab mix named Tilly in about an hour. And if she isn't a good fit, then we are going to a lab rescue event later today so I think you are pretty spot on with what you are picking up! We are SO excited and I can't wait to see what the universe brings! I will let you know what we (hopefully) get today!

    Thanks again!

  • No luck today. 😞 We will keep trying....

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