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  • I often wake up early and then doze off again, for 30-60 minutes. In this time I can have the most incredible dreams and they feel really drawn out and detailed (until I realize it was a 20 minute nap).

    I've read that dreams are in REM which should not be this quick?

  • YellowDaylily

    Yes, In Order for us to Dream, Psychologist state we must be in a deep state of mind,

    However Thats Logical information and anything is Possible..

    See it takes time for our brains to relax and there for for our minds to tap into different states of consciousness in order for us to Dream, Perhaps before you going to sleep'you maybe already sleepy or your mind relaxes pretty fast in oder to reach the alternative states of sleeping.

    Has your Dream felt in significance, maybe your higher self is trying to reach you through a dream ? Some People Signs and Guidance mainly comes through dreams..

    and signficant dreams you'll will have most likey a instense feeling after waking.


  • Hi, thanks so much for your response. My sleep patterns have been really erratic but one thing has been true most of my life - if I'm tired I can fall asleep no matter where I am or what is going on around me - even if it's only for 20 minutes.

    So maybe over the years I have "trained" myself to sleep deeply quickly. These are the dreams that tend to stay with me. When I wake up at 3am or so, details are fuzzy and if I don't write them down right away they are usually gone by morning. If I do write them down, I remember more and more as I write so I have to go back and edit.

    With the short "nap" dreams, I can write them from start to finish. They are usually very vivid and detailed.

    Very interesting - thanks!


  • Hi, The dreams I have closest to my usual waking hour are the ones that sometimes can be prophetic. Maybe I'm in a deeper sleep earlier in the night.

  • That would be great - those are the dreams I really like! 🙂

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