How do Capricorns and Leos get on?

  • Tell from your experience,thank you!

  • strong sexual attraction and great sex but leo needs to be in charge and worshipped but they are loyal

  • Capricorns are usually very conservative and have the patience of a saint but will need to be feel financially secure. Leo are as big as the sun unless it is in the 12th house wants to be cherished and needs to be told he or she is doing a good job. These two can get along as long as they know what the other ones needs to feel secure Leos are the one who attract a crowd in a the room if there is more then one one will try to out shine the other. Most Leos in my experience are very loyal have a big generous heart and love to have fun entertain and just a gd time Hey they are ruled by the sun so they tend to shine Of course this all does depend allot on the 12 houses and aspects they make but in general these two can get along

  • Do you ladies and gentlemen have anymore experience on how these two signs get on?

  • My oldest daughter is a Leo, her BF is a Cappy. They have a very interesting and puzzling relationship. They are like two magnets, if the right sides meet up, they are stuck like glue, if it is the wrong side, they can go days w/o talking to each other!

    She is a typical leo, strong willed, energetic, capable, competent, a real doer. he is content to work, hang out and go with the flow. Any flow really. They are 20and 21, and honestly, they are both scare to death of their strong feelings towards each other while they are so young. So, they both try to play cool and aloof and neither one of them can do that for very long before they crumble! lol I am quite enjoying watching this situation play out honestly! he is the only guy that has not fallen at her feet, and she is fine with that most of the time....but, she can get a little pouty, I laugh and tell her a challenge is good for her!

    But honestly, they jive very well. They have an ease between them that many long term married people do not even have. But, when they butt heads, they have a fire too.....which, I actually think is a good thing, as long as they do not hurt one another.

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