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  • Please wont you give me a general reading as I was reading about the 10 pionts on another tread and very interesting. I would also like to know who and what I was in passed lives.

    Thank you

    Yolanda Visagie 27/10/54

  • I don't do past life readings but there are those here like Blmoon who do.

    What sort of general reading do you want - about yourself or your upcoming future?

  • Hi Captain

    Hope you well. I would like to know what the future holds for me please.

    Thank you and thank you for the information as well


  • Chappies, the future holds whatever you decide you want it to hold. We attract what we give out so if you give out love and happiness, that is what you will attract. But if you give out fear and hopelessness, that is also what will come back to you.

    This year for you is all about hard work to get what you want - you mustn't try to take shortcuts or skip any steps. Only effort and determination will help you achieve what you want in 2010. This year is all about respite, repose, interlude, contention, material stress, obstructions, isolation, legal dealings, clearance, and healing for you. You are likely to desire and need a break from the hustles of this world and the problems into which you have been drawn in the preceding months, particularly those against your will. You will get the solitude you need, even if it is, on the surface, against your wish and thwarts the plans you had made for this year. This is an interval of transition; anticipate some unexpected events to happen and deal with them in a practical way. This will often not be easy, and some things you may have to carry out twice or a few times before you succeed with them. Whilst you feel very strongly about taking a stance with your particular point of view or the conclusion you have reached, cooperation, practicality, honesty and a less fixed, querulous and argumentative attitude are essential for your success during this year. Your vitality is at maximum level; use it wisely by guiding it with a cool and organized mind and a willingness to conduct your private affairs and, particularly, contractual arrangements in the world of business and profession, in an unemotional and systematic manner. Organizational, commercial and financial matters can now be well-ordered, and legal issues can be sorted out and settled in a pragmatic and amicable way. Show your willingness to cooperate. Curb sentiments of loftiness and lavishness, and do not speculate. If you do, the results may be separation and desolation.

    November 2010 - PRIVILEGES; GLORY; OPULENCE; EASE; COMFORT: A very fortunate period. Favours, especially from the opposite gender, honours and financial benefits will be bestowed upon you and the efforts of your present work will yield greater results than expected.

    This is not luck, but the result of hard work and also your ethical behavior and good deeds in previous days, months, and years. Do not let this fortunate phase tempt you to become haughty or complacent; realize that there will be difficult and laborious times again in the future.

    Every interval of peace and good fortune provides you with different situational references to give you an opportunity to learn a particular lesson in order to grow and, in the end, fill in this crossword puzzle that is called your individual life purpose. This one is a lesson of experiencing positive karma. Tune into this vibration, which is about balance and harmony, and give those a helping hand who, at this time, are not going through such a blissful period.

    If you exploit the current situation to your advantage without decent and principled conduct, you create negative karma for yourself, which you would have to pay for in the future. This month is about balance and cooperation, in private as well as in business life. Agreements and amicable solutions can be reached and be placed on a basis of mutual understanding and appreciation. Valuable and useful alliances, good-will rapports and love relations are likely to be made or to be deepened. Take advantage of this time to clear up any misunderstandings; it helps to spend some time alone to clarify your inner feelings. Your sense for and perception of details, especially with respect to beauty and natural harmony, is heightened and is evoked to be enjoyed and appreciated. There is a special opportunity now to bring greater harmony into your personal environment and your business rapports.

    December - COALITION; VENTURE; TRAVEL: A month with the God-power vibration behind it; take advantage of it, specifically in the world of profession and business. This is meant to be taken as a relaxed and placid time, not one to pursue new goals or projects or to push those in progress. The proposal for an alliance or cooperation of some sort may come your way; it will be sound and rewarding in the long run if both parties can agree on a fair and balanced arrangement. Make sure you put things in writing and include fail-safe mechanisms. Be open to new ideas and stimulating thoughts when solving problems or promoting your venture, and adapt to altering circumstances and trends. The communication level is high now, and travel (especially over water) is likely. While your imaginative powers are strong now, guard against fears of the mind. Envisioning difficulties or acting emotionally, is suppressing the positive side of this vibration and may result in business losses, deprivation, and reduced wellbeing. Trust that this energy gives you the ability to think clearly, analyze and conclude realistically, which is probably what you need when having to settle differences and discords to regain a proper basis for the continuation of your private life or that of your enterprise. The areas of concern are your income, health, and relationships now. This is not a time for activities, expansion, or taking risks in the material world, but for taking , reflecting, going within, maintaining an ethical conduct in the areas mentioned. Otherwise, thwarted plans, disappointments, discreditations, losses and hardships in your professional and private life are likely to be the result. Ponder over the unexpected, abrupt happenings that are occurring now; you have caused the same experiences in others in the past. You can now count on a heightened awareness, a sharp mind and a deep understanding of principles. Use the insights you gain to formulate plans and practical approaches and carry them out next year.

    2011 will hold many changes and opportunities for you. Don't let fear stop you from taking advantage and some risks about what is coming then. The drive to engage and experience excitement and adventure should be channeled into a worthwhile undertaking this year; like the launch of a new business project or the introduction of a work in the arts. Money/business/property transactions can be rewarding, provided you are highly aware of the risks involved; seek expert advice, and maintain an ethical attitude and a diplomatic conduct of behavior, especially in situations of contest and struggle. For inner guidance, take heed of your dreams and intuitions. Very importantly, don't overindulge in activities that gratify the senses or bear the danger of an addiction. And don't become too daring or impulsive, as this may result in accidents,disruptions and delays. You feel very energetic and want to take advantage of this period by turning out a lot of activities to attain to what your senses lure you, or to follow the promises and speculations that are so appealing to your mind now. Don't let these incitements lead you to impulsiveness, irrational behavior, or unfounded, highly doubtful conclusions. This vibration has a tendency to blind you when making a decision, both in your professional and in your private life. Keep cool and collect the facts before you arrive at a conclusion, despite the glorious speculations that some opportunities may offer you. Think of the future when your energy level will be lower again and the initial excitement and shine of what is offered to you now, will be gone. Be vigilant and don't overlook your responsibilities, and you will be successful in your dealings and contractual settlements. Yet, enjoy this time, especially in personal affairs and when traveling. Remember though that this is a period of change. During this time you will experience the special power of influencing people to your advantage. You are persuasive and convincing and may use this period to settle open cases of dispute or unfinished business of any nature to reach agreements in your favor. It is a fortunate year and you will receive help in private as well as in business circles. Difficult situations can be overcome and you can carry out long-held plans and reach goals that have been overdue for attainment. In 2011, you are eloquent, impressive and convincing. Stick to your own opinion and ideas and you will be successful.

  • Hi Captain

    Hope you well . Thank you very much for my reading - Appreciated


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