• Dear Ms Sunny,

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me my uncle passed away 10 months ago and none of the family have seen him in the last 20 years a stranger identified the body before the family could do so, my Mum is very distaught over this and has been tearing herself up over if it actually is her brother who died or not and how, because we were only told that he was found dead in his room which was like a boarding house where he was staying at . His ex girlfriend who lives in another state has left her details with the cemetery to organise something as to where his remains shall go and we cant get in contact with her now my Mum is so worried that he will end up in a porpous grave and the cemetery wont release his ashes to my Mum.I was wondering if you have time would you be able to actually tell if it was him who passed away and

    what the cause of death was and what will happen to his remains in the future I would really appreaciate anything you can pick up on this situation . Im sorry i hope i havent overloaded you with to many questions

    Thankyou so much in advance sending many blessings 2u Magsx

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  • Dear Ms Sunny ,

    The website looks great but i was wondering are you able to help me out with this at all i will totally understand if you cant .

  • there is a big misunderstanding and your mum needs to push this through and not give up. it may take a while. as for the girlfriend being the one to direct his funeral? hmm, what is wrong with this picture. unless your brother had a wife, his biological family are the ones that are next of kin. something is out of whack here!

    unless your brother had specific instructions on who will direct or oversee his funeral/burial, the next of kin would be your brother's parents. so your mum should be the one to make the arrangements.

    there are specific ways to go about this... where is his body laid? she needs to make contact with the ME or coronor and take legal action if necessary.

    his girlfriend should and needs to cooperate with the family that would be the decent thing to do. you may need to obtain a lawyer.


  • and I am very sorry to hear about your brother... my condolences

  • Dear MsSunny,

    Thankyou for your advice and condolences i really appreaciate your help we are going to take legal advice my mum is very head srtong and wont let it rest until she gets to the bottom of it

    Thanks once again i am ever so gratelful love Magsx

  • Don't want to bite but it was the uncle not the brother who passed away.

  • Mags I think the best thing your Mum can do is get in touch with the ME or coroner like MsSunny says and get the autopsy report and maybe compare DNA if they have a sample of his. I will ponder it for you honey.

  • Thanks Sheelagh it means alot

  • HI Mags, first off I had two conflicting pictures, one was water and electric shock but that could have been my imagination, so I got a chance this morning to give it a proper go. This is the version that conflicts the first. First I was in his apartment looking out the window. The apartment is not on the ground floor and the view was over some water, maybe not directly against the house but you could see it from the window. It was the bedroom and it was very tidy. Then he turned around and I just waited. The next picture he had fallen on the floor and was not moving and I got no reaction so I would have to presume a heart failure. He had heavy breathing and problems moving. There were people who came in but nobody did anything. Maybe it was too late already. I asked about his girlfriend and she was the only one around so she did the honours for him. I said your Mum wanted his ashes. he said he would try to get his girlfriend to get in touch with her. He said he was sorry, he regrets the lost years, he has not passed over yet but he will when your mother gets the ashes and she will know what to do with them, or was it that he said when he has had a proper burial. Was there a conflict between him and your sister. It seems he wanted to go his own way, I also picked up the word will but that could have been his own will. Whatever he was incredibly sad and full of regret and I have spent the past 10 minutes rubbing sadness off me and stamping it in to the ground. Oh and he said something about his girlfriend and a letter. He showed me a figure, could have been a statue or a fountain with kids running round it and it was brilliant white against a darker background, was it an animal of some kind?

    He also showed me a photo and it may have had you in it or your mother.

    Mags it is all mumbojumbo to me but maybe you can make something of it. He did not want me to break the connection but I had to because if I leave the kids for more than 10 seconds chaos breaks out.

    xx let me know if you need more or if you can make any sense of this at all. I trust in our connection.

  • Dear Sheelagh ,

    Ive started a new thread for us i hope that you dont mind here is the link

  • hhmmm, I know it's the brother that passed. livingonaprayer's Uncle, and that makes it her mum's brother. I am pretty sure I have that down right.

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  • Dear Ms Sunny ,

    Thankyou for your link i have left you a message on the other thread im sorry i hope i havent offened you in anyway i asked Sheelagh (Paddifluff) to help as i wasnt sure if you still wanted to help with this or not and i didnt want to put you out in anyway .

  • Oh Ms Sunny

    Do you have to pay for readings on the paths of the soul ? as i dont like putting my credit details on the net

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