Can a Taurus fall for someone(love perhaps) soon and forgive that person?

  • I just finished dating this Taurus guy, it lasted a little over a mnth. When we first met, he said I want to make love to you and we did. He also used to say how sweet I was. He gave me bracelets and a necklace off of his body. He even made me a clay figure head of a character I like. We communicated everyday. He did me favors and I him. He held my hand. Sent me a picture of him holding his middle finger up, saying "this is what I think of my life without you". He's a musician and I am into music I also helped him write songs. I gave him a guitar and amp that I owned. We have so much in common and used to joke around alot. He than told me later on that he lived with his uncle, I later dicovered by asking that he wasn't he'd known the guy 15 years and he was letting him live there rent free,they both were having troubles with each other, the "uncle" said he wasn't there much and didn't contribute around the house, the Taurus felt controlled and couldnt wait to leave the house to see me. Taurus also said he was not having sex with him and that they did 15 years ago when they met. Also a month later Taurus told me he had an ex boyfriend of five years that he left in NYC. He said that he was still in love with him but they broke up many times and they both were in an open relationship. But now Taurus lives in Florida with the "uncle". I than spent a night with Taurus at a bed and breakfast, I was upset with him that night for making me wait hours, but I forgave him quickly because he was drinking. When we were at the b&b he asked if I was falling in love with him. I said "I could see that happening but we should go slower, later he tried to have sex with me but fell asleep. I woke him up drove him to the bus terminal and he left to Jacksonville, for a short time. I texted him and said sexual things to him, he later explained he didn't like my advances and that he only wanted to be friends, but his actions before did not suggest that. He stopped responding to my messages and ignored me all together. I felt so hurt and used that I told his"uncle" about our relationship, because Taurus kept me a secret from him. Taurus of course was upset with me, messaged me mean emails telling he wants me out of his life. I asked if he could forgive me in the future and he said "I can't speak for the future". Than we messaged some more he kept being mean and I said" why r u being so cruel and unforgivig" His "uncle" forgave him. Anyways I later got tired of his comments and said he needs to be forgiven for lying and being fake. It ended with him threatening me with ra estraining a order. Right after we both stopped communicating. I know this is long story but its complicated, detail is important. Now I am calmer and still miss him, because I always thought he was a great person, I know he won't see me the same way again, but I sincerely want to be his friend. Does anybody think he will ever forgive me for what has happened, later on if he's not angry anymore. Also, i know I should give him lots of time, but if much later on I wanted to contact him, would he even be receptive? I know the feelings we shared were real. Help please!

  • The person you fell for does not exist. This guy was dishonest, playing you. Try not to rush in so quickly to the next relationship. Take time to get to really know the person before you jump in, otherwise the same thing will keep happening. Didn't you stop to wonder why the rush? And you should not be looking for forgiveness - this guy should be the one saying 'sorry' to you. He was a user and abusive. This was not love, just infatuation with someone you thought you knew well but didn't really know at all. You still don't know him. Learn a lesson and move on. It was a month out of your life, not a relationship. Don't let it ruin the rest of your life.

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