I am drowning and I need insight

  • I dont know where to go but I am in a mess and any of you out there that can shed light would be greatly appreciated. If I could afford it I would pay but I can't. I get on all these websites and can't believe the money floating around out there and where people get it for help that they need. It seemed that this website is full of people wanting to help and not getting any monetary gain. I don't even know know if I am doing this right. What in the world is going on with my life right now. I don't know how long I can even be on the internet. It is really a luxury. Sorry to be such a downer but I I need to do something here I just don't know what. Maybe it is the full moon. Ahhhh.. Well there you go.

  • You are drowning because you are waiting for someone to rescue you. Instead, you should be learning how to swim so you can save yourself. Use that inquiring mind, persuasivness, and creativity of yours to find a solution to your situation. Put yourself first for a change. I suspect you know what you have to do but are putting it off in the hope you won't have to rock the boat. But you're already out of the boat and floundering in the deep waters. Don't let disillusionment, hopelessness, or cynicism hold you back. You have more power, likability, and strength than you realise.

    Do something practical. Sit down and make a list of what you want to change about your life. Then don't get up from the table until you have found a creative solution to at least one of your problems. Eg. if you have people depending on you, think of ways that you can help them become less dependent and more self-sufficient or perhaps you can think of other people who might be prepared to care for them. If you need money to help you change your life, think of practical ways to get it. You will feel empowered and much happier just by having a workable plan.

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