Jeff Jawer: Hillary's Mars Return

  • -- This post is a reprinting of Jeff Jawer's blog entry from May 31st, 2008 --

    The Democratic Party is scheduled to rule on the handling of delegates from Michigan and Florida, which were to lose representation at the convention because of violation of party rules. A compromise is expected on Saturday, May 31 that could play a pivotal role in completing the nominating process. Mars, the action planet, is in Leo, where it will join Hillary Clinton’s Mars late on June 3, the last day of primaries.

    This Mars return initiates a new two-year cycle of activity. The question is whether she will end her quixotic candidacy and align her forces with those of Barack Obama or will she continue to battle through the convention. The answer could lie in what kind of lion (Mars in Leo) she is. Is she a noble warrior committed to the greater good or is she a self-centered fighter unable to let go of her own ambitions? Perhaps it seems unfair to judge the character of someone who has been in the public eye for two decades on this single question, yet this may be the most critical decision in her career. She has persistent Pluto joined with her Mars in her birth chart, which reflects the depth of her passion. Pluto, though, can act as an agent of destruction or of transformation. Whichever path she chooses, the impact on her party and the nation will be significant.

    By Jeff Jawer

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