Same Dream, Same Day? What does it mean?

  • I have since been looking for answers all over as to what is really going on or really what happened that day. Let me start from the top... I was speaking with this girl for several hours because I... I suppose I just loved speaking with her. Every next conversation was more interesting than the last, but one time when I was talking to her over messenger I ended up passing out in the middle of the day. Where she was it was already time for her to be going to sleep but, I had been up the entire night before and morning of. I just happened to pass out at the time she fell asleep as well.

    That's not what caught me so off guard.

    I had such an incredibly vivid dream that I was there with the girl and... well, due to some degree of shyness thing I deal with at times (for example, right now) I'm deciding to keep most of the details to myself, but I can say it was rather... close? Intimate, I suppose one could say? It was just feelings and vague sights, but I really thought it was happening. Imagine my dismay when I woke up alone, hmm? Heh...

    Well beside that, the night that I woke up and began talking to her again some time later, I began to explain the dream I just had. Much to my surprise, she finished my sentences for me-- she had the exact same dream at the exact same time. Something like this has only happened once more since that night, but ever since then I've had some kind of connection with her that I've never felt before with another human being. The strangest part? I've never been in the same room with this girl, let alone the same continent.

    I am curious. This has never happened to me before and I have no idea what it was that happened, how it happened, or what it means. Can anybody provide insight?

  • Hi Ocain, I'm certainly no expert on this but to me it sounds like you had an "outer body" experience,I've heard of this, and do believe that we can meet up with others in what we think as in "dream state", so perhaps you can do a little search on outer body experiences and see if this feels like what may have happened?..... I have to say I find all this sort of thing very interesting, hope you find your explanation and hope someone can come on here to explain it all for you....Good Luck and best wishes to you! 🙂

  • Apparently... going along with the subject of astrology that I have only recently delved into (and find chillingly accurate to myself when all the pieces are put together), it's some sort of astral projection. It... could've been a few things actually. I just have a strange theory, but somehow I might've actually... invaded her dream, perhaps? It wasn't my will, I know for sure. Not my conscious will anyway. Strange how that all works...

    And it's actually O'Cain, it's just that Forum doesn't allow the ' mark. 😕

    But yeah I really hope someone could tell me what it all means...

  • it's happened to me and someone i'm in love with across the ocean., we had the same dream at the same time

  • I just started reading a book called Golden Heart by Harold Klemp, really just 40 pages into it but amaze with the overall base on Eckankar(ECK). ECK it has a lot on soul travel bc it's about spiritual awareness. I'm not sure if the book I'm reading can help you bc I still need to read it but you can definitely look up the author.

  • I will certainly look into that... thank you all for the insight! ^.^

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