Aquarius man dissapearing act

  • Ok so i have a type of "relationship" with an aquarius man or thats how he puts it. I believe he is a little more emotional than the typical aquarius man so keep that in mind. I know its common for them to dissapear here and there but is it like them to do this when there are serious things going on? We have established a friendship and he has proved in his own way that he trusts me. I know that they really wouldn't want to hurt a friend so why dissapear right now when it hurts me? should i tell him that his lack of contact is upsetting me or just let it be and wait for him to contact me?

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  • Hi ! I am having VERY similar problem. It must be a common things with aqua men!!! I have read over texting and making them feel they have no freedom drives them away so all we can do is wait or give up?! I am thinking to give him an ultimatum on the other hand im thinking wait and see if he will commit.. being patient is so hard! with aqua man!

  • I definately wouldnt give him an ultimatum, thats one thing i know for sure. I do want to tell mine how i feel though im not sure how he would take that. He is a little more emotional that most aqua men, we've had conversations about feelings and relationships just not our feelinging or relationship. I did tell him that something he did bothered me once, i made it clear that it wasnt a huge deal but it did make me uncomfortable, he felt horrible and kept bringing it up later, he even contacted me just to make sure i didnt think he was a jerk. I've decided to go with the flow for now maybe you should do the same for awhile. I actually enjoy my freedom as well being a sag women but certain people have the ability to drive me absolutly wild.

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