KushikimaKiba our lovely Lady of the tarots Cwb calls for an consultation


  • These questions seem familiar... didnt u ask them before

  • Nope


  • Never mind then. sorry

  • Sorry just dont like it when people ask the same questions. I feel that the person doesnt appreciate the previous reading i did and they think i'm lying to them

  • I never do that Kuschi. Im VERY appreciaetive for the readings i get. Im humble and grateful. Areasoin it may seem as i ask the same q´s over n over is bc often i dont trust my own messages which i get, i tend to question them. Also when things happen i cant make sense off i tend to ask the same in diff way,. Im not always aware of it, and in my head its a diff issue with hope of a diff question n reply. Whereas to the reader ( you or another ) its the same asked once before. i DO understand how it can ggrrrrr u. I truely do. I asked bc to me its a different need of knowledge. First time it was to know how do i and the guys compare on a glance. Next are there a foundation here, n lastly was it the fact that Connor popped up and did what he did that threw me a curveball BC he and i has ( more him than me i juss compromised n said ok ) agreed NOT to go past the friends alone line boundary. N now i find he wants it to change.

    I hope this makes sense, if not will i mail u the story on FB.


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