Relationship reading please.

  • Your husband is a retiring gentle soul who gets depressed easily. He is feeling unappreciated and uncared for and thinks you don't understand him or empathise emotionally. He is sick of always being the responsible one - he wants gratitude and more support and nurturing from you. He feels you only look to him for financial support and that your relationship is turning sour. But he fears being alone - if he is not cheating on you now, he soon will be unless you give him some more love and attention. You two have many similarities - you both have a need to be in control of your situation but you are both in danger of losing control of your marriage unless action is taken to prevent it. You also are both very self-protective and somewhat innocent in terms of relating to others and may fail to reach out to each other or connect in an intimate fashion when you need to. It is important that neither of you retreats into a shell of isolation but rather talks things out and expresses your true feelings and worries. Try to rely more on what is felt than is said. Trust your instincts and develop a more open atttiude towards an emotional connection with your husband. Learn the value of surrender as opposed to the value of winning. I feel that work issues are also bothering your husband but that he doesn't want to burden you with his problems. Be his rock of support.

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