Dear kushikamikiba can you please spare a little time

  • hi kush i'm asking you for a little insight into the next few months in my life i'm supposed to have surgery and was wondering when is a good time to have it considering i would be resting for about two months after it's a routine procedure for fibroid and i'm not asking about how it would go but just when is the best time to schedule it considering work ,finances and time off thanks in advance

  • Its not really such a serious matter yet with your health if you're able to put work as a priority before the surgery. Then again work seems to be pretty stable, albeit a delicate stability. Because of that i think you're pretty much ready to take the 2 months time to recover but you're unsure on whether or not its the right time. At most i would say you should plan it within these next 4 months. When you return to work yes there will be problems waiting for you and it will be pretty hellish. But you'll be able to bounce back pretty fast

  • thank you so very much for your time and insight

  • This post is deleted!

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