Can i please have a detailed reading?

  • My bday is 6/5/87 im wondering why all my relationships go pretty much the same but i dont trulley understand why because i will not blame myself for everything i maybe played a part but i dont think i ever caused anyone that much pain my last relationship was the first one i ever got my heatbroken in he was a gemini like me i waited a year to be involved with someone new but that didnt go good i actually am disgusted with this last guy the cancer dont worry im over him no new post will appear anyway what do i need to change because i am ready to change i dont want to go thru this again i fear if i be myself karma will bite me in the ass because i can be a little materialistic and self oriented but usually when i put me first it always comes across as me being a bit@th but when i try to be nice that never works either what do you feel about me what vibe are you getting

  • Hot Virgo Rising,

    Logically, If you are getting the same feedback form each relationship.

    it is either a pattern here with the guy you choose to date or a pattern with yourself,

    but remeber every situation begins with yourself..I feel you You look for relationships to validate you, your self worth, your reputation as you said you are a bit materialistic and self centered.

    I come up with that you percieve a person too quickly by outward appearances,

    these guys dont offer you you a deeper connection, its only surface appearances these

    guys intrigue you with.. so things end quickly. I feel you feel like these guys fooled you

    because they werent what you expected.. HotVirgo I feel you should look for people'that will

    make you question, are somewhat mysterious because all your relationships will end

    like this you need connection and common interest with a person. A person is not a item hunny.. you know ? and items get old thats why we shop every other season you cant shop for a guy every other season lol..

    so find a guy that outside of your expected and physical interest list girl !

    Blessings. & Good Luck.

  • Thanks i see your point i will try !

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