I dun understand myself

  • 10 Sept 1988

    11.30 PM GMT +8



    Is there any other information needed? Can anyone help me? Really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

  • Hello Samwee,

    You are going through transition at this time and reaching for a higher level of maturity and understanding of yourself and life in general. You will be wanting to change most things about yourself and surrounding in 2011. You will move residence and it feels to be a distance away from where you are , perhaps to be closer to relatives or a loved one.

    You also will want to change your career and work that you are doing now. Are you doing crafts or woodworking? Making furniture? I feel like you get down on yourself and think you should be doing so much more and be so much farther than you are in your life now. Do you have a knee or leg that bothers you and you may walk with a limp at time? This needs to be looked at by a doctor if not already has been. It feels temporary to me.

    There will be schooling for you to look into next year also and do not worry because you will be able to do this , perhaps to train to open your own business. Everything in the new year will be just that for you NEW as you will walk a different pathway ,one that is destine to lead you to success.

  • Thanks, Shuabby. How about my love life? I'm currently studying in university and im staying in hostel nearby. i dont think im moving out. i wonder what will change. sometimes, i do feel a bit lonely, thats all.

  • Dear Samwee,

    You will live at a distance from your home when you finish school and begin your work. I do feel you will meet a young woman that wears a cape which means to me that she is a nurse or studying to become a doctor. I feel she is not to close to your vibration at this time so she is coming into your life in the next three years or sooner. In the meantime you will have to find companionship through friends and a date here and there. Find a hobby and you will also find friends related to the hobby. Study groups are what I'm hearing also for you.

    I wish you well and a bright future is coming, just be patience.

  • if im lookin for a boyfriend, will it be the same with the cape and so on?

  • Hello Samwee,

    For some reason I did not pick up correctly for you. This means that I'm not the reader for you dear.

  • i feel you are right about the other things, shuabby. But for love, i prefer a boy friend. I really appreciate ur readings.

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