Ego and the Cancer Male

  • I agree with you my friend, ALL CANCER MEN AND WOMEN HAVE BI-POLAR personalities,

    • if you want, TROUBLE get a CANCER

    • if you want, PAIN get a CANCER

    • if you want, DEPRESSION get a CANCER

    • if you want, HATRED get a CANCER

    • if you want, SUICIDE get a CANCER

    • if you want, FEAR get a CANCER

    • if you want, UNCERTAINITY get a CANCER.


    I know my other is a CANCER and in HORRID Marriage which she brought onherself. I would NEVER DATE ONE- OR BE FRIENDS WITH ON THEY ARE ALL COWARDS, WITH NO SELF RESPECT, WHO HAVE MULTIPLY MARRIAGES, DIVORCES WHICH they brought upon themselves.

  • OK..Ladies, I had enough of Cancer men...I'm a Scorpio male...I study psychology and in the DSM Manual on pathological disorders, or in English, behavioral problems. Persoanlly I think they are Scizophrenic, but here a re just some of the moods I have read about them;, conduct disorder, brief psychotic disorder, mood episodes, major depressive, manic episode, hypomanic episode, dysthymic disorder, bi-polar, panic disordr.....these are behavioral issues ladies and you want to stay in that with them.....are they worth you giving up your sanity...and most of you dont even realize that they need some help....and you all think Scorpios are crazy.....Cancers make us look even better.

  • to truephoenix, I believe you 100%. They are Scizophrentics, I bet you the mass murders that take place in this world and organised by CANCER MEN and WOMEN. They have problems, I have dates Scorpios and prefer them to CANCERS ANY TIME, DAY OR MONTH OF THE YEAR! LOL


  • @Veeky---

    As a Taurus woman as well, I will have to disagree with some of your statements. I posted a thread on this forum explaining my dilemma with a Cancer male. I read many other threads with individuals who dealt with BOTH Cancers and Tauruses. Funny, the stories with both signs are quite similar. Not identical. But very similar. I will have to admit, as Bulls, we have some flaws, too. It's not easy for individuals to decipher our movements either. Don't believe me? Read the "Having problems with my Taurus man" on this forum. They're in multitudes.

    What Tauruses view as 'Caution'...others view as 'Disappearing Acts, Self-Centered, Ego-centric, playing games.

    Cancers are not that different from Tauruses. Although the elements Taurus and Cancers are polar opposites. There are actually a lot of similarities.

    1. Both signs are nurturing.

    2. Both signs are extremely cautious.

    3. Both signs are homebodies/family-oriented

    4. Both signs are misunderstood.

    5. Both signs need absolute certainty before moving towards a relationship.

    6. Both signs have their own insecurities. It's just a little more extreme with Cancers.

    7. Both signs require constant reassurance. Cancer/emotional. Taurus/physical.

    8. Both signs need space to refocus, re-energize....

    9. Both signs are non-verbal.

    10 Both signs have their guards up.

    11. Both can be vengeful. Cancers use emotional manipulation, but Bulls can be be obstinate cold, indifferent, unyielding. We know that our stubborn ways can be our best revenge. We can hold out longer than any other zodiac sign.

    12. Both signs love hard, and FULLY commit.

    The only difference? Tauruses are emotionally stronger than Cancers.....

    Cancers initiate...

    But Tauruses follow through until we see completion.

    With my experience, I'm not going to repeat my thread, but when they're certain you're're pretty much it. They don't hold back. But they need the space and confidence level to do so. These men are very, VERY, very insecure! Seriously. You have no idea.

  • Can someone help me?

    I don't understand, he opened up to me about his feelings on many occasions. I of course didn't know what to say, so I listened and did not respond. Last night I couldn't take it anymore as I felt a surge of intense feelings for this person. I told him how i felt how I wanted to be in his life how I cared about him etc. And I got absolutely no response. Maybe I should wait. But I feel absolutely dejected right now. I asked him if I did anything wrong and he said no. But when I opened up to him and told him how I really felt which was a huge step for me, I got no response. Why? He was the one opening up to me about how he felt, that he wanted a relationship with me and that I should stop running away, he was the one that continuously pursued me, and told me I could talk and tell him anything. So what's with the cold silence? As an Aqua feeling all this is very difficult for me. I feel even worse that he hasn't responded. This just makes

    me want to run away from him even more.

    What is his problem? I told him I wish I didn't have **** that I wanted to wait longer.. I told him straight up I think he playing games with me and that I am not going to hurt him that I am. a loyal person and when I care I care a lot. And that I don't know what he wants me to do if he wants me to give him space or continue to confirm my feelings for him. He is quite insecure and is worried I will find someone else he tells me not to talk to guys etc he knows that guys are interested in me but I want him. He constantly asks me to be his woman and not for me to run away

    He has Sun in Gemini, Moon, Mercury, Venus in Cancer, I have Aquarius sun, Moon and Venus in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius

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  • TaurusFemmeFatale thank your for you logical, truthful, reply to veeky and TruePhoenix.

    Veeky and TruePhoenix If I was to go on Amazon to read product reviews and focused solely on the negatives, I wouldn't buy anything. People who have a bad experience with a product are more vocal about their experience then the people who liked it. The same can be said about this site.

    It's fun to read about people's experiences with a certain sign but to honestly hate a particular sign based on "reviews" you've read on this site, and other sites like this, is silly. You don't personally know enough Cancer men to write the entire sign off. If I was to watch the news every night and use the logic you're using I'd start to believe that all black men are evil. But I personally know enough to know that's not true.

    I also believe that part of the reason why Cancer men get such a bad rep is simply because women who date cancer men are likely to be more on the emotional side (like cancers) and tend to be the type of person who write in forums like this.

  • Thank you for your not "thank your for you" lol!

    Schizophrenic, don't think, but Dyslectic, maybe 🙂

  • Hey Cancerman~ I dont think all of you are bad, but most of the posts on here are about the Cancer men and woman, and their weird emotions. I dated a Cancer female for a year and almost got married. We did argue like no one I ever had before. I mean, I'm 6'2, 235 lbs, Italian and I have an attitude, she was 5'4 120lbs and she scared the shit out of me. She even slapped me more than once, I had to laugh and then she would start to cry and run of.slamming all the doors behind her, screaming at me, yelling, speeding away. Then, she come and look for me?. I met and like a Cancer female again, but she shows signs of non communication which is rude. You cant start something, then disappear and act like nothing happened. Well, you can if youre a Cancer. I mean, face your damn emotions. I'm looking forward to your reaction after you date this Scorpio female youve been going on and on about. My bet, you screw it up. I hope not, but you just cant help yourself.

    Now you cant make a general statement that most of the woman on here are emotional, Ive seen comments from all the signs, and they all agree, Cancers are crazy !!!

  • (Ive seen comments from all the signs, and they all agree, Cancers are crazy !!!) TF


    Have you heard about the craziness of Scorpios or Tauruses....?????

    I can tell you some stories. Lol.

    Tauruses....Jealous, Possessive, Inflexible, Stubborn. Non-Trusting, Hot-tempered

    Scorpios....Jealous, Possessive, Inflexible, Stubborn, Non-Trusting, Hot-tempered....

    Sounds familiar? You're our opposite signs remember?


    An evolved Scorpio is spiritual, an eagle, confident, and a little more flexible. More open.

    What you define as 'Intensity'....others view as 'Crazy.'

    What individuals view as 'Lazy & Stubborn"'....Tauruses define as "Doing things on their own terms only!"

    See the misunderstanding....?

    They're trying to understand Cancers, the way individuals are trying to comprehend Scorpios and Tauruses....

    And yes, Scorpios can be real complex!

  • Hey TruePhoenix,

    It's nice to know you don't think cancer's are all bad. We're just all (according to you) crazy and Schizophrenic! lol! Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

    It sounds like your ex was a little crazy for sure. She obviously has little fear of being cold-clocked by a big dude. That in itself says a lot about her.

    Are you certain that your "attitude" didn't scare away the second one?

  • Hey Cancerman~ Dude, I'm a Scorpio, Italian and from NYC..I live in Dallas. I was born with an attitude, but I do well in relationships because I treat woman with respect, and, believe it or not dude, I'm a good guy. Caring, romantic, fun and smart. My attitude is for protecting the things I love. Woman I'm with, get this. But as you know, all persoanlities are different and you never know where along the road together, the road parts and you both decide to take different directions. I was married for 12 years and divorced for 10. I made some incredibly bad mistakes and I hurt people I loved, it was my fault, the sting. So, I've decided to be very careful when dating, I now take my time and observ. I dont fight or argue, I just give the talk and I leave. I just ended a 3 month relationship with another Scorpio, which went well, but the fork in the road came up, and we went in different directions. Before that, 4 months with a young Leo and before that, 3 years with an older Leo.

    You never can say what will happen along the road. But as you keep going and your still walking together, then things just get better and better. I asked this younger Cancer to meet me tonight to watch the Cowboys at a sports bar. I texted her, no reply, no nothing. I know she was really hurt before and she's probably scared. I assured her, I'm not like that but she takes it her way, I can understand. But she as a Cancer is missing so much because her caution is talking her away from the communication you need to get to understand someone.

    So my Cancer friend, take it slow on your date with the Scorpio. Dont vanish on her. Remeber this, and write on your arm if you have to. If you like her and she agrees to a 2nd date. Communicate to her. Scorpios like communication, you can never out communicate a Scorpio. She wont back off by your advances but she will get hurt if you vanish.....Good luck...and I dont think your Scizophrenic. I aplogize for that, I didnt mean to insult you.

  • Hey Cancerman~ Feel free to call me Doug. What's yours ?

  • Hay Doug,

    My name is Mark. Nice to meet you. I wasn't offended by your schizophrenic comment. I've been called worse lol! I appreciate your honesty. You've been through a lot more than I have in life and you seem to know who you are and what you want. That is a good thing. I've never been married and I can't imagine how hard it would be to go through a divorce. I certainly know heartache but marriage is a whole other ball game, especially if kids are involved.

    I'm curious. Out of all the different signs you have dated, which was most compatible with you?

    Thanks for the advice on the Scorpio again. I'll let you know how it goes if it ever happens. I'm going to try and keep her interested in me online while we wait for a time to get together. I'm going to leave that up to her since she seems to be more busy than I am right now.

  • Hey Mark~ Pleasure to meet you too. That's a good question about which sign. I can tell you the girl who adored me more was the Aquirius, and we arent suppose to get along. She smart, patient wuth me and on a very even strain. I never rattled her. We had some wonderful times. Dude, I would be married all over again and I do want to get married again. Once you get married, you will explore so many new things about yourself and her. You will really understand what love is all about. Plus, to be able to care for a woman. I mean, your the one responsible for her now. Not her Father, not her brother but you. You become more of a man, you walk around with a constant smile knowing someone really loves you. The honesty is deep, not like this bullshit on here, but deep and real. Not only that, when a woman believes in you, its different. You really feel like yo can do anything. Example. I'm a drummer and have been all my life. My older brother was friends with Dino Danelli from The Rascals, you Good Lovin, Its a Beautiful Morning and People Want to be Free...etc... so, it was in blood...I grew up listening to a drummer named Aynsley Dunbar from England, he's been with Journey, Jefferson Starship, Frank Zappa and many more, he was on the big Whitesnake recording, Here I ago again...long story short...he and I became really good friends in California, I mean like brothers...for 3 years we talked all the time and when he came up to the bay area from LA to play a gig, I would pick him up from the airport and hang out with him until he left..I was in HEAVEN, I mean, the drummer I idolized for so long is calling me at my home.....all of that was possible because my ex pushed me to do it...she knew what I wanted and what made me happy...when you find that special someone, she will do the same for you. Woman complain on here becuase they have a right to. I think they do love the guy their with and they want to be married...have children, get off the streets and out of the clubs and have children and a home....but guys come from different places with different backgrounds and different it gets crazy...I dont like dating anymore...I see how guys are and I'm not one of them, but because I'm a guy, I get judged with all the rest. I'm so different, but it takes a special woman to see that. Woman have been bounced around so much that, even if youre telling the truth they dont know it. And if you meet and are talking to a beautiful woman, believe me, theres others guys pulling her as well. I would call her and set up a time, dont be afraid of rejection, she wont do that, she is to sweet. Set up a time and date to meet her. Show her you have the balls to ask her. Be assertive and court her. Dont be needy but confident. A Scorpio woman is real and honest, they dont play around with mixed emotions, but she will be sweet and if she likes you, you have a fantastic chance. Do it now ~ dont hesitate, make excuses or waste time. Good luck to you...

  • Doug, you hit the nail on the head when you said "Not only that, when a woman believes in you, its different. You really feel like you can do anything." That's something I was missing in my last relationship. When I'm in love with a women I believe in them and their ability to be great, but some women don't realize that men need the same support. If we get frustrated or down about something that's not going the way we had hoped, we need someone who will stand behind us and make us realize our potentials! I always say that beside every great man is a great women. It's not always the case but I would say it is more often than not.

  • Mark~ Then call this girl. If you really want that, to have a to do thinhs together, share one another and still have your space, a strong woman by your side, a Scorpio female is a magnificent one to have. The one trait that I need more than anything is support, because I'm so outgoing and dynamic and I'm into everything. I need that special woman who is there, right by my side. I'm the same way. I will do anything for the woman I'm with. I will be there at funerals for family, holidays, sports events, specuial occasions, custody battles, you name it...I'm there...My point Mark, this Scorpio woman will do the same for you.... Go for it...

  • Hi all

    i could do with some advice. I started talking to a Cancer man in August last year, we were introduced on a dating site. well he didnt want to rush into meeting as he had been hurt before (so had i) so we have been taking the time getting to know each other as people, by text and calls.

    problem is now, he set a date to meet and he has disappeared on me? i have read a lot of things about the cancer man disappearing and he has done it before and has also said he cant handle situations and serious issues so goes quiet...

    he says he has fallen for me as a person, and loves everything about me and wants to make this relationship real, but im starting to have doubts if he ever will as i think he is scared... can someone help me with some advice please. i am a bit lost as to whether he really meant what he said or whether i am really wasting my time waiting for him to meet me but it will never happen? thanks so much.

  • When i said August last year i mean this year sorry! already thinking its 2012! thats what he does to me my head is in a spin!

  • Whew, thought I was the only one that went through the craziness with a cancer man . Talk about a draining and a depressing year I wasted with this man. I stay away from cancers at all cost if you want sanity, cause they love games..

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