Can you tell what can happend between people with this birth dates? plz

  • Female 29/08/79

    Male 02/04/85


  • These two people will clash when it comes to love and marriage. They both have completely different approaches to life, with the man acting on his intuition and the woman tending to be more structured and logical. Faced with an upcoming event or challenge, the woman will plan things out to the last detail, whereas the man tends to wing it. The pair can make good co-workers but a more intimate relationship will be difficult and painful. The man will be unable to deal with the woman's emotional problems. When she sinks into depression (perhaps caused by being rejected, unloved or ignored by the man) there may be little that either of them can constructively do. The woman's nervous instability can unsettle the man with his positive, breezy attitudes, leaving both of them a bit unsteady and lacking the confidence to cope with any crisis that may arise. Similarly, a friendship between them is likely to demand an emotional investment that neither of them may be prepared to make. The differences between the man and the woman are such that their relationship may become wholly involved in seeking out a basis of understanding between them - an effort that may not receive much reward. This relationship usually lacks either a sexual or financial payback.

  • Wow Captain, thank you so much for your response. I hope you can give more insight how should I handle this situation. At the moment there is nothing between us, we seen each other once, but I and him have very close common friends. Both of us have difficult situations in life right now and basically we seeking each other help to put our lives in balance. It will be more partnership then actually any other type of relationship. He needs my help more but by helping him I will need to share to some extend part of my life (he time to time will need to stay/live at my home, so also he will be part of my 3 kids life too). And my situation is that that I am on my own with 3 young kids; my partner (who I loved deeply) unexpectedly and suddenly passed away just 3 months ago; large mortgage and own business that since my partner passed away I am trying to run on my own although its hard and some physical works must be carried by man not woman. So what I am seeking from this man is probably a cushion if there in future will come any fall. As I do not have any family or relatives I am hoping that this person will be my answer. At this stage we only talking with him about these plans (chat on-line). We both seeking close friendship (there is nothing between us as woman/man and I do not believe it will ever rise anything like that in future) and we both prepared to commit to make it work. My question is how much I can trust him? I know its a big question to ask, but just generally are Aries man honest, reliable, do they keep their word or they are more commonly lairs? Somehow in my life I never come across Aries man, have no idea about their world. Thank you for your time.

  • You are placing too much of your hopes and expectations on this man and you will be very disappointed when things don't turn out the way you want them to. You need another plan to support yourself as this may become a very difficult situation. This man is not your cushion and you must be honest with him about what you want from him. And he must also be honest with you because at the moment I don't feel he is telling you everything he wants. To work out, you must keep this relationship as a 'working' relationship and not let it become personal (as I feel that you will do). I think you will grow too dependent on him and an Aries man cannot stand that and will leave, even though he has a need for your approval and sees you as a sort of mother-figure. This man cannot be made to take the place of your former partner who sadly passed - it would be wrong of you to use him like that.

  • Dear Captain, thats probably not what I wanted to hear or in anyway expected but now after your reply I can see how easy everything can slip into situation you described. And you so right that it will be so wrong. I dont let easy people in my world but once I do sooner or later I will became dependent from them them in one or other way and emotionally involved. And thats not what both of us need right now (or ever) in life. And I do feel also he is not telling everything either; there is absolutely nothing happen to support that thought but that feeling I have since we started talk. with him. Thank you so much for your advice.

  • You're very welcome - I hope it all works out for you.

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