Help Interpret this Spread, My eX will be back?

  • Hi, this is a spread i did but need a little help with interpretation please.

    1 How relationship used to be? 7 cups

    2 What lead to the end of this relationshhip? Justice

    3 Lesson to learn from this relationshio? 6 of cups

    4 Where relationship current stands? 7 pentacles

    5 Obstacles to overcome to renew the relationship? 10 pentacles

    6 My opportunities for you to focus on to facilitate a reunion? King of swords

    7 What needs to change within me to facilitate the relationship? 3 cups

    8 What needs to change within your ex to facilitate the relationship? 6 swords

    9 What is the true potential for the relationship in the future? The Lovers

    Thanks in advance

  • No they wont be back. The cards are telling you to move on.

  • Ok, but what the lovers as outcome , what does it means in this situation please?

  • you really are good in this, gypsydreams

    I'll check back to see your explanation on walkonwater's cards

  • Hi Ladies, sorry I didn't explain further.. I had to log off.

    The lovers in this case indicates having faith in the universe and honoring the love within you. Honesty with one self and the ability to move on no matter how painful because one knows it's time .

    Because of this realization and new awareness you will attract a new potential partner in future. This is the outcome.

  • Its true thats how I feel. I feel I have more faith now than what I did before, regardless of how much I liked this guy, I feel better now without him, even tho the normal would be to feel depressed, and feel the universe will provide me with someone better for me.

    Thank you gypsydreams.

  • You are welcome!

    You are wise and if you keep following your inner instinct no matter how scary it can be you will always prosper.

    blessings xoxo

  • This post is deleted!

  • gypsydreams Ah I came at the right time to check on the explanation

    one card can say so much, very interesting

    now I really want to learn Tarot 🙂

    you are very inspirational, good to see you around !

    walkonwater I wish you the best in the future

  • Leoscorpion, you are rather good at Tarot already. Am I correct? You say you can't wait to learn but I feel you have a natural connection with Tarot and are rather good at it already.

    I've read your readings and I must say you have a gift and I think you will reach new heights with Tarot.

    All the best and blessings 🙂 xoxox

  • I tried reading Tarot cards before, they are online cards

    so I submitted a question and then when the cards appeared I tried to read them myself first

    not much accuracy yet, need more practice

    is there a book you can recommend to find out the meaning of each card, or we just go by intuition?

    maybe the connection run in the family

    my grandmother was good at reading cards, she was not using Tarot but the cards people play blackjack and poker with, she was never wrong at least from what I remember

    her last reading said her sister would die, and she did due to accident

    I think she stopped reading cards since then, so I never got to learn how to read them

    thanks for the good wishes and for sharing your gifts here

  • I completely agree with gypsydreams - I read the Tarot and got the same outcome - as well as what you basically need to do for yourself is to make or enjoy your friendships and have a good time. You have been ignoring your social side, perhaps due to a lack of confidence or having put all your eggs in one basket. It's time to enjoy your life with all of your senses (all six of them), I got from your card in position 6: Key to Facilitate Reunion: King of Swords - that your actions from this moment must come from a clear comprehension of your past, without fear of seeing the truth - as well as listening to your intuition and trusting your inner voice. The first card, 7 of Cups, indicated that this relationship was built on wishful thinking, fantasy and illusion. It ended, Justice, because balance and clarity within one or both of you was finally in place: you saw the relationship for what it was, and natural law demanded that it could no longer continue. Going forward - trust yourself. Act with wisdom from this experience - see with clarity and with all senses for happiness in your next relationship. And as gypsydreams points out: your next relationship will first be a healthy, loving one with yourself.

    Also, leoscorpion - the cards would definitely be an excellent tool for you to add to your knowledge of astrology along with your clear connection to the Source. Being that you already are tapped in and can trust your intuition, once you know the general meaning of the cards - the specific meaning to each reading will come through loud and clear.

    Best to you ALL.

    Wild Places

  • These are books I would recommend for you, Leo.

    The Illustrated Book Of Tarot ~ by Jane Lyle

    Tarot For Beginners ~ by Barbara Moore

    Both books keep it simple and true. They are genuine that is why I love these two books.

    Another book I would recommend is The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need ~by Skye Alexander

    I find some Tarot books are full of useless information... they go on and on and after you finish reading it , you feel like you didn't learn anything, because they are trying too hard and not sticking to the true meaning of Tarot. There is so much info out there on Tarot that if you had to store all of it in your brain you will combust, not to mention there is a lot of contradicting info also, this is because everyone has their own interpretation of Tarot so you will drive yourself bananas trying to learn from different books, best to learn the basics and then add your thoughts, ideas and interpretation to the cards.

    So to get started, get simple books. The simpler the better. Connect with the meanings and then stick to the meanings that sound true to you. You can even add meanings to the cards as you see fit .. when you feel the need to do this do it because it's your intuition talking to you.

    The trick is consistency. I have the same meanings for each card that I had 10 years ago. I do keep adding new meanings and thoughts but I keep the format the same as when I started.

    Read the meanings of each card, since you have an Astrology background this will be easier for you because all the cards are ruled by certain Zodiac signs and planets, so you can add those properties to the cards meaning as well. In my readings I use both classical meanings of the cards and intuition. The intuition always comes even if you stick to the classic meanings of the cards... it happens naturally specially once you have made a connection with your deck, and you find yourself following your intuition more and more.

    Good luck Leo 🙂

  • gypsydreams, wildplaces

    thanks for the recommendation , I'll definitely get those books gypsydreams mentioned along with rider waite deck. I never know Tarot is connected to astrology : )

    simple is better !

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