About attracting positive and negative energy

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a bit of a dilemna and would be interested to hear everyone's opinion. Every morning I take my kids to school and this morning I took them as usual and when I was leaving the house I thought to myself, I hope I have a key otherwise I won't get back in, and I took the band the key was on. Sure enough, when I got home, I took the band out of my pocket and what do you know, there was no key on it. (I rang a friend who has a key).

    So my big question is - why is it that negative things are so much easier to attract by thinking of them than positive things? I have been thinking positively of many things for ages and nothing happens.

    Does anyone have any insight, thoughts, stories, solutions?


  • Paddi,

    I can so relate. I don't know if I have the answers you seek but I feel exactly how you feel, more times than I'd like to admit. Some would say the devil is stronger than we think. Others might say we have to take the high road and rise above the negative and effectively choose the positive.

    You just said to me on another thread, why wouldn't it work out, well the pessimistic thoughts in me made me Hope it could rather than believe it would, thus opening up a window for the negative to fester. I hate that I do that myself but I do. Call it years of not having things go as I wished, call it breaking the negativity habit is hard (it so is), call it what you will but I think negativity is the enemy in some respects it kind of like an old comfortable coat we grab it out of habit and put it on when we shouldn't because it fits and is familiar. It's the tossing it aside and choosing not to wear it that is tough. I realized recently how great a part being negative, being around negative people and allowing negativity to play a significant role in my life has affected me. Talk about your self esteem crusher. Welcome to the world I lived in, one I am trying really hard to walk away from with confidence and the positive attitude that I have the power to make that choice. Hope that this is insight and not overwhelming to your post.

    I say if we bond together to fight the negative, put past hurts, mistakes and damage behind us that anything is possible. Mind you I am living proof that saying it is one thing, living it is quite another, easier said than done if you will.

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