Leo & Taurus ?

  • Hi new to this astrology stuff. Found out I am a Leo/Sun Taurus/Moon Libra/Rising. I have for a few years now been dating a Taurus. I really think we have known each other in a past life. We barely have to speak to know what is on our minds. Although our relations stand almost at a still, more of friends with benefits. Been reading some other forums but have not seen the two signs put together. Guess I am trying to figure what all this means and how relates to his and my life. Any thoughts??

  • Both fixed signs - read stubborn for Taurus and bossy for Leo - ha ha !! Seriously - his sun sign and your moon sign does denote good compataiblity - - but wear is your venus and his venus and his moon - that would go a long way to give more than a soul mate friendship !

  • Hi l am gemini and he is taurus and we were so awesome together and because after an arguement l walked out he will not do anything about it ...he told me that your not allowed to walk away and so his stubborness will win out and he will make this the end of something awesom...taurus are very stubborn people ...it is very say and heartbreaking to see ...they will not bend in there thinking and very good at asigning blame... even when they know there wrong..

  • I'm a female Taurus who's been married to a leo male for 6 yrs now, dating since 19yrs old. We do have our moments of me being stubborn and not used to change and his nightlife and waiting the spotlight. But I believe Taurus women are easier to bend than Taurus men. I have NEVER got along with a Taurus men because they are way too abrasive once you get to know em,in my past experience. Leo's are the best. So loving, understanding, and highly intelligent!! 🙂 I think Leo helps a Taurus out by showing how change is good but they just need to ease them into it very slowly. Good luck, hone.

  • moonlight... thank you... I dont know of all his signs yet... working on that when we have time. but will inquire when I do. amazing .... and of soul mates or past lives? I do strongly believe we have met before. Thank you again

  • both lori and bullbeach, thank you for response,

    I have found we are so alike in many ways. maybe due to my own taurus, we both seem to just let things ride at take all as it comes daily. mostly I can read him, but wonder after all this time due to our own past if either one of us can let things move forward... me including him. I like previous response of me finding of more of his signs. easier said than done, lol.

  • Moonlight if you are still out there, How does my venus, his venus and his moon relate to soul mates and of more than friendships? Our personalities alone, I dont think will ever give up the friendship even though in time may change for his world moving on or mine. We just seem to pull together and apart/ the back and forth. I know much is just as of myself. Just figured if could understand more, can relate more. Thank you very much again. And when I can get out of him needed information for his signs, will relay. We have not seen each other for about 3 weeks now due to both our lovely schedules. Is normal for us... can be every week at least a date to three months finally an opportunity. Anyway... thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi there, I am a leo and my soulmate is a taurus. We are very similar in some ways - creative, love cooking, love nature - the only area we are very different is our religious/spiritual beliefs. I am a believer and he is a total atheist! I thought this may cause problems at first but it really doesn't. We have a healthy respect for each others beliefs and can have heated debates about the subject but that is okay! He is romantic and passionate, as am I and we are just meant to be together (it's been 17 years and counting) .....

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